Skincare tips

1. Facial skin calls for extra TLC during travel. Weather fluctuations and varied cuisines in unfamiliar cities, frequent exposure to nature’s elements such as sea, sand, sun or the chlorinated resort pools are bound to take a toll on your skin. To counter most of the skin issues on the spot, you need to carry these basic skincare essentials: an eye cream, a rich face cream or serum, a heavy duty facial oil, a gentle face scrub and hydrating face and eye masks. Pamper your skin with these before retiring at night or whenever you have a rest day at the hotel in between all the sightseeing.

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2. Long hours in an aircraft can result in dehydrating the skin. One should prioritise skincare over make-up when getting ready for a flight and these simple swaps go a long way:

For lips, go for a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick to avoid dry lips. A tinted lip balm doesn’t just give you a desired rosy pout but also keeps the lips extra moisturised. Keep it handy to reapply after in-flight eating or drinking.

Skip your regular foundation. Substitute with a tinted moisturiser. This smart swap helps give your skin an even tone akin to that of a foundation but with the benefits of a heavy duty moisturiser. Plus, reapplying a tinted moisturiser is quicker than reapplying a foundation in-flight.

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3. We can’t emphasise enough that clean skin needs to take precedence over make-up during holidays more than regular days. Make-up remover wipes and liquid remover formulations are your best friends during travelling. Don’t skimp on stocking up on make-up-removing wipes. Also, gentle liquid make-up removers such as micellar water formulations should be an absolute must-have in your 2019 holiday kit. Even during hectic holiday schedules, the key to problem-free skin is to cleanse the skin of stale, oil and dust-laden make-up frequently, moisturising often and reapplying fresh make-up only on cleansed skin.

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Haircare tips

1. Exposure to salty sea water during a beach holiday or the chlorinated water of resort swimming pools is a major issue affecting hair during travel. Don’t deny yourself the joys of water activities, but counter the damaging effects of salt and chlorine on the hair by frequently applying oil both before or after such exposure. Oil acts as the hair’s shield if applied before exposure to water. Oiling after can help repair the damage to hair strands.

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2. Prevention is the best step to counter frizziness due to sweat, sand, chlorine or salty water. For your travel, switch to an anti-frizz hair conditioner and pick a repairing hair mask. One clever hack is to apply the mask onto damp hair and rub it well. Then simply comb and smoothen your tresses and tie them into a neat, sleek bun (if you have long hair) or a ponytail (if you have short hair). This hair mask trick allows your tresses to soak up all the hydrating nutrients even as go about your day’s normal activities with the added bonus of no one even noticing it.

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Fragrances tips

1. During travel, fragrances must deliver heavy duty performance as sweat, water and even wind can deplete their scent. A great hack for long-lasting fragrances is to apply vaseline to the pulse points and then spritz perfume or body spray on it. Remember, fragrance notes stay longer on moisturised or oil-infused skin.

2. The most foolproof way to make any fragrance long-lasting on skin is by ‘layering’. When ‘layering’, you apply the same fragrance through use of multiple grooming products belonging to the same fragrance family. You can pick a fragrance that has a matching scented product line to allow you to layer it in several steps such as shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, perfume, body spray, anti-perspirant roll-on etc.

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Body care tips

1. Besides the obvious issue of sun damage to skin, another major factor that affects the skin’s health is constant exposure to salty sea water during a beach holiday, and the chlorinated water of the resort swimming pools. Counter these damaging effects by frequently applying a soothing oil to your skin both before and after such exposure. Before exposure to water, oil acts as the skin’s barrier, and a post-bath oil massage to damp skin can help reverse the dehydration and inflammation.

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2. Who isn’t familiar with the rushed shower drill of hectic tour mornings when you need to show up at 7am in the hotel lobby for embarking on a day-long adventure tour? No more fretting over not having enough time for post-shower moisturising – carry a hydrating body lotion and hand cream in your day bag.

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Make-up tips

1. For our selfie-loving generation where hourly Insta posts during travel are the norm, a separate travel kit of make-up staples is becoming a necessity. Yet as far as possible, look for space-saving options when creating your kits. Opt for multi-purpose cosmetics such as dual-ended eye or lip crayons or dual contouring-highlighting sticks or cheek-lip duo. Cosmetics that come with skincare benefits such as a foundation with high SPF or hydration properties is also a great travel option.

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2. Here’s a clever tip for effortlessly chic eye make-up for a beach trip or for a city sightseeing day – befriend coloured eyeliner pencils in various hues. Crayon eyeliners are super-easy to use and compact and serve as a multipurpose, all-in-one eye make-up tool. Heading for a day at the beach? Line the eyes in aqua blue or sea green crayon or smudge it for an eyeshadow effect. Or use as both liner and shadow. Follow with a waterproof mascara and you’re selfie-ready in minutes!

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3. Want to nail the nude make-up look for that ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ hashtag on your travel posts? A good quality primer is the key here. Even on days when you want to skip the foundation, don’t skip the primer as it can give you a smooth, pore-refined texture, perfect even for a nude look, with many boasting colour correcting properties as well.

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