Retail brand Lifestyle has launched a brand-new collection of beauty tools — Beautysta is a collection of professional make-up brushes and beauty blenders that suit a wide range of skin types and are affordable to boot. Starting at just Dh29, looking pretty won’t cost a pretty penny anymore.

And you won’t be left to fend for yourself with your new beauty devices — Beautysta has roped in 19 social media influencers such as Zeynab El-Helw (@fashion_pirate), Hadia Ghaleb (@hadiaghaleb) and Manal Mansoor (@manalmuffin), who will help you in unleashing your inner make-up artist, and will share their tried-and-tested hacks on perfecting your contouring, blending and highlighting. The full range of Beautysta beauty blenders and brushes are available online at

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