They say the best things come in small packages and whilst that might be true for babies and jewellery, we feel a slight addendum needs to be made for make-up. For as great as it is to have stacks of pots and compacts of individual wonders of blush, eyeshadows and lipstick, there is something very satisfying about more of a streamlined approach in a well-curated palette that contains everything you could possibly wish for. And whilst these are not small in size, they are by no means bulky.

Yes, bigger than a single eyeshadow but far more economically designed and packaged than 10 of your single eyeshadows ever could be. And put all thoughts of cheap looking and feeling boxes that contain three great colours, two mediocre shades and seven severely dodgy colours you have no idea how to use, out of your mind. Those were the palettes of the past.

The palettes of the present are oh-so chic to gaze upon and contain every - and we mean - every colour you could possibly want to wear over and over again. Not only that but when it comes to travelling, storing or simply being able to transport your make-up around with you, surely a palette that ticks lots of beautifying boxes housed under one lid is far more practical than lots of individual products? Which means snapping up a palette (or two) is not only common sense but your duty... just in case you needed any purchase justification.

Come meet the palettes of your dreams.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette, Dh350

Make-up guru Charlotte Tilbury has not only put together the most gorgeous eyeshadows ever, but has divided them up in this art deco-styled palette into four different looks: Day, desk, date and disco eye. Feel free to mix the colours up as you fit, but if you want all the coordinating hard work taken away from you then just pick the trio that works best for your occasion.

Chanel Palette Essentielle, Dh320

This may not look like your conventional palette but that’s because make-up artist, Lucia Pica, global creative make-up and colour director for Chanel, and the brains behind this amazing product, wanted to create something completely new and different. This triangulated trio is everything your face needs to wear and in Lucia’s words, “a product that can achieve that fresh skin look I do on shoots.” Start with the concealer, the most generous of the three sections and apply wherever you need. You can even apply it all over the face like a foundation if you want. Next, there’s the highlighter that has a high concentration of pearlescent particles and finally the creamy blush to bring a translucent flush of colour to the cheeks. It is available in three shades.

Guerlain Gold Palette, Dh340

The possibilities are endless with this beautiful palette. Inside you find six eyeshadows – the two browner hues can also be used on the eyebrows and it comes with a dual-ended brush, one of which is slanted to make shaping your brows even easier. Next, there is the dazzling gold shade, which can be worn on its own but will also add a metallic shimmer to any of the other shades when applied under or over the top. Then there are the two blushes that are, quite simply, just wondrous.

Huda Desert Dusk, Dh250

Inspired by the rich colours of the Middle East, this eye shadow collection captures the vivid shades and striking landscape of Dubai. Inside, this jam-packed palette contains eight highly pigmented matte shades, six pressed pearl colours, three chrome toppers that can either be worn solo or layered onto other colours to add extra shimmer and one pure glitter tone, ‘Cosmo’, a deep bronze-meets-magenta-meets gold colour that you’re going to wonder how you survived without.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb, Dh184

You may not think that glitter is for you. However, we really feel that this palette will change your mind. Inside are eight of the most gorgeous and low-key glitter shades we’ve ever seen. Our personal favourite is Rose All Day, a soft peachy, rose-gold tone and whilst there are sparkle particles in them, the really create more of an luminous sheen than anything too tween-pop-star. On either side of the colours you will find a white brightening base if you want to amp up the tone and a black intensifying base when you want something more sultry and sophisticated.

Man Ray for NARS Veil Cheek Palette, Dh245

Inspired by the electrifying colours and bold creations of artist Man Ray comes this limited-edition trio cheek palette. It contains NARS best-selling and iconic bronzer shade, Laguna and has been teamed with two new, and not-around-for-long colours. Meet Lovesick Blush a satin finish, watermelon hue and Surreal Highlighter, which has just a hint of bronze and rose about it. You can of course use one colour at a time, however we think it’s best used in synergy. Apply the bronzer to warm up your complexion, the blush in the centre of the cheeks for a pop of colour and the highlighter applied wherever you want extra glow factor.

Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette, Dh690

If ever there is a brand that knows how to do chic-looking make-up, it’s Tom Ford. Housed in this luxe-feeling white and gold box are four eyeshadows, two shimmering tones – a soft pink and purple – and then a satin plum-brown and everyday taupe. Use just one, use all four, however you decide to wear them, they’re going to look fabulous. And then there are two gorgeous satin pressed blushes to drool over – a punchy pink and a softer peach tone. The main problem with this palette is that it looks too good to use, but you must. You simply must.

Dior 5 Couleurs Precious Rocks, Dh256

Created specifically for the festive period, Dior have created two limited-edition eye shadow palettes each focusing on a key colour for the season: Emerald green and ruby red. Whilst you may not think these the most wearable of colours, Dior’s creative and image director Peter Philips has tweaked them to be two of the most flattering palettes we’ve ever seen. The green definitely lends itself more towards brunettes and dark haired beauties, and fairer skin and blonde hair will probably lean towards the ruby - but the colours are all sophisticated and beautiful. These palettes are not just for Christmas.

Wow by Woojah Mosaic Madness, Dh140

This palette is a round-up and edit of the best-selling Wow by Wojooh shades from 2017 and they’re good’uns. All of them have a velvety matte finish and there’s everything from dusky rose pink, soft neutral browns, shimmering greys and a rusty, burnt orange shade. In short, every colour you could ever want and need for any type of eye look and all for a bargain price.