Look 1: Red glossy lips + minimal eyes with faux lashes


Face: Start with prepping the face by applying a primer, followed with the foundation all over and spot cover with a concealer under the eyes. Finally use bronzer and contouring powder sculpt the cheekbones for a glam finish to the face. Avoid pink blush with this look as that would be an overkill of reddish tones on the face. On the other hand, a hint of bronzer looks chic with the red lip.

Lips: When it comes to creating a fool-proof festive make-up look, the vintage-Hollywood glam inspired ‘red lip’ is easy to create, provided you choose the right colour for your skin tone. If you have a warm skin undertone, for instance, you would do well with the warm earthy red shades such as brick red or tomato red or fire engine red – mainly shades that have underlying orange or yellow undertones. These warm shades also work well for lighter complexions that have a warm skin undertone too. But if you have a cool skin undertone and have pale, light-coloured skin, then it’s the red shades with cold bluish undertones such as crimson or blood red that would suit you best.

But, before you apply the lipstick, it’s important that you prep your lips. Here’s how:

First, give your lips a scrub with a mixture of olive oil and sugar granules 30 minutes before you need to do your make-up. Then rinse the scrub, dry the lips and slather on a moisturising lip balm. Leave the balm on for a few minutes then wipe with a paper tissue before you begin the make-up.

Tip: Before applying red lipstick, neutralise your natural lip colour by dabbing a small drop of foundation over the lips and blending it all over. Then outline the lips with a matching red lipliner and then fill in with the colour. Add a drop of lip gloss to the centre of the lips for that luscious finish.

Eyes: In this festive look, the eyes are a bit understated so keep the eyeshadow nude matte over the top eyelid and softly line the upper eyelids with a brown eyeshadow rather than using an eyeliner. Use false eyelashes for that dreamy, fluttery look. A secret trick to getting the perfect alignment with false lashes is to first curl your natural lashes so their shape matches that of the falsies. 

Look 2: Smouldering dark smokey eyes + nude contoured glossy lips


Face: To prepare the face for this look, apply primer, followed by foundation and concealer. Follow with loose powder. Sculpt the cheekbones with contouring powder and highlighter.

Lips: For this look, the lips are a subdued nude shade. Even if you’ve never tried lip contouring earlier, try it now for a striking effect. The easiest way to contour is to outline the lips with a lipliner and then fill in with the chosen nude shade from the outer edges to the centre. Blend in the lipstick and the lipliner seamlessly and then line the lips with a slightly darker thin lipliner to create darker inner corners. Blend well then add a hint of light nude colour with the finger in the centre of the lip to create a pouty effect. Dab a drop of lipgloss in the centre of the lip for best effect.

Eyes: Dark smouldering eyes are a universal favourite of make-up artists and it seems this trend is not going away anytime soon. For creating a flawless smokey eye, first use a primer to smoothen the eyelid and undereye areas. Apply the lighter shade of your eyeshadow to the upper eyelid and blend well to create the smokey eye base.

Next step: Apply the darkest shade of the palette from centre to the outer corners of the upper eyelid using a thick eye brush. Skip applying the dark shade to the inner corners as the inner corners would have a lighter shade. Blend the shadows well and add pencil eyeliner to the upper and lower lids. Smudge the eyeliner so as to soften the liner edges. Apply false eyelashes and you are all set with your classic smokey look. 

Look 3: Shimmery plum shade eyes + red lips


Face: After prepping the face with a smoothing primer, go for a liquid highlighter and apply a few drops to the skin so this imparts radiance underneath the foundation. Again, depending on the warm or cool undertone of your skin, you could either pick a yellowish beige highlighter or a pinkish silvery shade of the highlighter. Post-highlighting, sculpt the face with bronzer/contouring powder.                                              

Lips: The lips in this look are a statement red look – for re-creating this red lip, one could opt for either fully matte lip colour or a soft creamy textured red lipstick. As red is a colour that tends to draw everyone’s attention, therefore, allow extra time for the lipstick application for this look. Also, before applying the make-up, don’t forget to exfoliate the lips as any peeling skin shows unflatteringly through matte lipsticks.

Eyes: The shimmery plum eye is the new-age variant of the classic smokey eye. Unheard of until a few years back, it is now a favourite of make-up artists and fashionistas alike. But, of course, this gorgeous signature look calls for a good level of shadow applying and blending skills. It is seamless blending that makes this eyeshadow look so striking and sophisticated. For re-creating this eye look, first apply a plum shade around the upper eyelid eye socket area and blend it well. This creates a contoured eye socket area in plum shade. Now apply a shimmery shadow in the centre. Line the eyes with a liner and apply at least two coats of mascara. One cool trick to get voluminous lashes is to lightly dab baby powder on the lashes before coating them with mascara.

Look 4: Shimmery gold & bronze eyes + deep burgundy lips


Face: As for the face, apply moisturiser, and follow it with a drop of liquid highlighter and foundation. Set the foundation by dusting loose powder, and finally apply a hint of highlighter.   

Lips: The luxe glam vibe of a deep burgundy lip is unmatched for festive dressing.

And do you know the best thing about burgundy? Unlike bright reds where one is confounded by the decision to choose the right shade depending on one’s skin tone, burgundy is a far easier colour to carry for everyone. It has only a few shade variants and all of its shades suit most complexions especially the matte ones. To create this look, using a lip pencil/lip brush create the outline for the lips in a burgundy shade and then fill in the burgundy lip colour. Blot with a paper tissue dabbing powder on top of the tissue so as to seal the lipstick and reapply another coat.   

Eyes: This look is all about dressing up the eyes in the bling shades of gold and bronze. When you wear a shimmery gold shadow, even the slightest eyelid creases are visible manifold, therefore it’s important that you patiently prep the eyes for this glam look. Post face cleansing, apply a rejuvenating eye cream, then wait 5 minutes and refine the skin with a primer followed by concealer around the eye area. Now, blend seamlessly your chosen golden eyeshadow over the upper eyelid and blend it well. Finish the shadow by blending a bronze shade near the eye socket area to create a darker contour. Finally, line the eyelids with a black or brown eyeliner, and plump up the lashes with a volumizing mascara.

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