Power lips

Freida Pinto

A bold lip colour will command attention in any situation. From a board meeting at work to a meet-up with new friends, bold lipstick has a way of getting you noticed. When it comes to lipstick shades red has an undeniable impact, while berry shades offer sophistication. Bright coral lips can make you look approachable, yet strong.

Eyeliner to kill


There’s nothing more powerful when it comes to makeup than a perfectly winged liner. Opt for a black liner on the upper lid and stretch out to the side. Finish your look with a coat of black mascara and a touch of blush.

Positively glowing

Selena Gomez

This dewy, dreamy look radiates youthfulness and confidence. But remember, it should look effortless. A little extra, and you run the risk of being called the girl with cake on her face. Not pretty. Smokey eyes completes this look.

Less is more

Julia Roberts

It is true, sometimes make-up can be your worst enemy. Know your audience and if it’s not an appropriate situation to be wearing too much make-up, less is truly more. When you’re wearing minimal make-up, skincare is key for a great complexion. Make sure you moisturise every day and use complexion-brightening skincare products.

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