An increasing number of women are experiencing age-related skin issues at a younger age. What could be the reasons?

Several reasons including intrinsic and extrinsic lifestyle factors could be contributors. Among extrinsic factors are diet, UV exposure, excess exercising, reduced beauty sleep and elevated stress levels. Intrinsic factors are related to genetics and ethnicity. Focusing on improving lifestyle and habits can be a great step to ensure your skin reflects good health and beauty. I am convinced that by improving our lifestyles, our beauty can be optimised.

Any tips to reverse signs of ageing?

There are various methods to reverse or slow down the signs of ageing and preserve your natural beauty without taking recourse to invasive procedures. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, procedures that offer minimal downtime with longer duration of results are gaining popularity. In this regard, the growing trend is injectable dermal fillers – one of the leading non-surgical aesthetic procedures globally.

These can help plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and lighten scars. Dermal fillers have evolved to adapt to aesthetic needs of consumers which lead to reducing the signs of ageing.

As consumers, what do we need to understand about the ingredients of injectables?

Personally I would feel more confident understanding what is being injected into my face so I am well aware of the the short- to long-term effects and benefits. Today, knowledge is power. As consumers, it’s increasingly important to understand the ingredients of injectables so we can ascertain the benefits of products in order to manage our expectations in terms of overall outcome, downtime required and duration of the effects on our skin. Knowing the basic characteristics of dermal fillers is a good starting point.

First, a little about Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Dermal Fillers, HA is a carbohydrate found in our tissues naturally. It is a major component of the skin and is involved in repairing tissue. Due to extrinsic and intrinsic factors, the tissues can reduce production of hyaluronan while factors such as UV exposure can increase the rate of its degradation.

What sets Teoxane products apart is that the TEOSYAL RHA® portfolio of dermal fillers provides a selection of four hyaluronic acid gels that covers a range of aesthetic needs

Teoxane have designed TEOSYAL RHA®, the first range of HA fillers with properties specifically designed to follow the dynamic movement and expression of the face by mimicking the natural HA found in our skin. In simple terms, you avoid getting the ‘frozen look’ that was often the result of earlier filler treatments, and have natural expressions post-filler treatments.

Ways to contour face without surgery

Non-surgical facelift procedures usually start with a consultation between the practitioner and the patient to ascertain their expectations and desired outcomes. The practitioner selects the best treatment plan based on factors including age and severity of the concerned area. Treatment time depends on the areas being treated and should always be conducted in licensed clinics with registered injectors.

With dermal fillers, expect effects to last between 12 and 24 months, depending on factors such as the injector, type of products used, patient’s age, lifestyle habits and area being treated.

Teoxane has a dual approach for consumers. Firstly we offer dermal fillers that use our patent technology – the Revolutionary Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA). The RHA® Series is designed to adapt to the movement of facial muscles and as a resilient HA, providing natural results in line with the dynamic movement of the face. What sets Teoxane products apart is that the TEOSYAL RHA® portfolio of dermal fillers provides a selection of four hyaluronic acid gels that covers a range of aesthetic needs – from superficial wrinkles, through to adding volume in extended areas for lasting correction of facial wrinkles and folds. This helps women to receive the desired lifting and contouring without surgery. In addition to the dermal filler range of Teoxane, the Teoxane Cosmeceuticals range provides a further complement to our filler products by offering a specialised skincare range for home use. We have a complete skincare regimen that addresses the vulnerability of a patient’s skin following a procedure by optimising the long-lasting effect of the post-treatment.

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