The sun’s shining, the city is up and running again, and the world is back to being your oyster. Well, sorta. With your social calendar sputtering back to life, it’s time to put your best (masked) face forward at those upcoming socially distanced soirees. Bar one minor detail – your skin and hair are in abysmal shape. If your quarantine has been anything like ours, chances are your plans for Instagram-worthy self-care were run off the road by WFH, an endless litany of chores and the bouts of pervasive despair and insomnia we all fell prey to.

Instead of going down the path of celebrity-approved salon treatments and facials to get us summer-ready, we’re turning to the DIY skin and hair detoxes these famous women swear by. They do the double-duty of making you glamorous and populating your social media timelines with bathrooms-turned-spa videos and beauty mask selfies.

Miranda Kerr’s coconut oil and apple cider vinegar hair treatment

Miranda Kerr

The Aussie supermodel and founder of skincare company Kora Organics follows a no-frills haircare regimen straight out of our grandma’s beauty bible – coconut oil. Yes, a good ol’ coconut oil hair massage is how Kerr’s luscious locks remain shiny and runway-ready even in the absence of a squad of stylists. Afterwards, she rinses it out with a bit of apple cider (diluted with water) in the shower followed by shampoo and conditioner. While nutrient-rich coconut oil hydrates cuticles and nourishes the roots, apple cider vinegar is a clarifying agent that gently strips away persistent grime and build-up from hair products, leaving hair shiny and restoring its pH levels to a healthy balance.

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s avocado hair mask

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

You’d think the L’Oréal ambassador’s tresses use nothing but high-end hair products. False. She’s also a staunch advocate of homemade hair masks and recommends slathering your hair with hydrating mayo and avocado moisturising masks. Yep, sandwiching your mane with a nourishing coat of these breakfast condiments ensures your tresses are the toast of the town. Throw in a scoop of mashed avocados and mayonnaise into a bowl, blend well and apply the goopy mixture from root to tip. Avocados are abundant in vitamin E, which conditions hair frazzled and weakened by heat styling and harsh chemicals, and tames split ends, while mayo’s protein-rich egg content strengthens the hair shaft and leaves it silky and lustrous.

Pro tip: add a few drops of fragrant essential oils so your hair doesn’t smell like salad dressing. 

January Jones’ Human Stew detox bath

January Jones

Both the wittily grisly name of the Mad Men star’s bi-weekly bath routine and its popularity during quarantine can trace their roots to the simple kitchen ingredients it utilises – detoxifying apple cider vinegar, sea salt and baking soda, which disinfects and deodorises. Dunk yourself in this concoction for 20 minutes and sweat out toxins during the bath and for a good 30 minutes after too – a minor discomfort in the grander scheme of achieving the model-turned-actress’s youthful skin that belies her 42 years. Other ingredients in this beauty stew are lavender bubble bath and Young Living’s Thieves Essential Oil – an immunity boosting mix of rosemary, clove, lemon, and eucalyptus and cinnamon oils modelled after the legendary blend that protected 15th-century grave robbers from the plague.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s gram flour body scrub

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

The luminous beauty queen and ex-Miss World credits her radiant skin not to the arc lights or an arsenal of beauty products, but a simple gram flour body scrub recipe that’s been widely used by generations of Indian women. Concocted from gram flour, yoghurt, milk, sandalwood powder and turmeric, ubtan as it’s called in Hindi is traditional pre-wedding skin care regimen and a constant in Indian households. Gram flour gently exfoliates, drawing out deep-seated dirt from pores and tightening skin, while turmeric’s antibacterial properties cleanses skin and tackles hyperpigmentation. Milk/milk cream or yoghurt acts as a moisturising base whose lactic acid combats free radicals to hydrate and brighten skin.

Anushka Sharma’s neem face mask

Anushka Sharma
GN Archives

The secret to the actor’s sweet-faced beauty are the bitter leaves long feted by Ayurveda for its antibacterial properties. The vitamin C-rich leaves work as a natural astringent, fading acne scars, and regulate the skin’s oil levels, preventing pesky breakouts and blackheads when used regularly. While Anushka’s homemade recipe still remains a mystery, neem powder or a freshly ground paste of neem leaves added to soothing rosewater is a quick fix for glowing, clear skin.

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Halle Berry’s green tea and yoghurt face mask

Halle Berry

When she’s not making movies, the Oscar winner is busy sharing the recipes of her favourite DIY face masks with fans on her health and wellness community Re-spin’s Instagram account (move over Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop). Whip up 2 tablespoons of brewed green tea, a pinch of turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1/4 cup of plain yoghurt and slather on a generous coat for three minutes, followed by a second coat of 10 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and moisturise. In Halle’s own words it “brightens, tightens, reduces fine lines and enhances that natural glow’ of your skin”.

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