Not only are they the ultimate gushing gift, they smell divine, colour our homes, and are the best beautifiers in the business. From fighting signs of ageing and banishing blemishes, to repairing, firming and relaxing, flowers can do it all. Dr Lamees, founder and creator of luxury skincare brand Shiffa, swears by flower power in her products, telling us, ‘Throughout history, certain flower essences are known to help with ailments. Pure flower extracts and oils can bring a real positive change to both your skin and mood’.

There’s no denying that gazing at beautiful blooms and inhaling their scent can instantly brighten our day, so it’s hardly surprising that they can do the same for our skin too. ‘Flowers are the epitome of beauty, and ‘Flower Power’ holds the true magical essence of inner and outer beauty,’ explains Shirley Conlon, Founder of Shirley Conlon Organics. ‘They contain medicinal and magical properties that keep skin and overall well-being in optimal condition. Just think how great you feel receiving, admiring, or smelling a flower!’

But flowers in beauty is nothing new. Ancient Romans were known to use calendula to soothe skin conditions, and it’s believed Cleopatra used rose water to pamper her skin. So, it’s hardly surprising that beauty brands the world over are packing their products with petals. “Flowers can help treat different skin concerns, which is why we use them as active ingredients and they are such a huge source of inspiration,’ explains Isabelle Fazah, Regional Training Manager for Nuxe. ‘Since the dawn of time women have used flowers to preserve, treat, and beautify their skin – now Nuxe has 45 patents on active ingredients related to flowers!’

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to join the floral frenzy and get blooming beautiful – literally. These are the flowers that pack some serious petal power…

Hibiscus – the anti-ager

‘Hibiscus not only makes the most incredible tea for inner beauty but it’s deeply hydrating, purifying, and potent in antioxidants,’ Conlon reveals. And, you too can look as beautiful as these bright blooms, for the hibiscus flower is nature’s answer to Botox. High in vitamin C and firming agents, it not only fights fine lines and wrinkles but also leaves skin soft and supple. Also a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids, it helps to exfoliate, control breakouts, speed-up cell turnover, increase moisture and improve elasticity. These hibiscus-enriched products will do the trick:

Chantecaille Hibiscus Smoothing Mask, Dh387


Infused with hibiscus flower acids, this magic mask gently smoothes and brightens skin to reveal a radiant, healthy complexion. It’s also enriched with emollient-rich Jasmine and Mimosa flower waxes to minimise dryness and keep skin hydrated all day long.

Nuxe Brightening Moisturizing Lotion White, Dh125


“We use hibiscus flower acid in our ‘Brightening Moisturizing Lotion White’ for micro-exfoliation, which helps reduce hyperpigmentation and increases the radiance of the skin” Fazah explains, which is why this lotion is just the potion for brighter, more beautiful skin.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Revitalize & Glow Serum Dh279


This super serum does exactly what it says on the tin – revitalises skin and gives you a gorgeous, youthful glow. Harnessing the powers of petals, probiotics, and peptides – its loaded with hibiscus, omega fatty acids and vitamin E to firm and fight oxidative stress.

Sunflowers – the spf

This flower isn’t named after the sun for no reason. Packed with vitamin E, essential in preventing damage to cells caused by the sun, whilst also fighting free radicals and preventing scarring and premature ageing, the sunflower is nature’s very own SPF. Conlon explains, ‘It is packed with vitamin E and linoleic acid, and its nutrients are easily absorbed by the skin. It is a great flower to reduce enlarged pores, to use around the eye area, and even for cellulite.’

Also containing fatty acids to help calm, repair and soften skin, and vitamins A and D to prevent pimples by forming a bacteria banishing barrier, this golden flower is an all-round skin saviour. here are some products which are enriched with the powers of a sunflower:

Clarins Sun Control Stick for Sensitive Areas SPF30, Dh168


Boasting the benefits of a sunflower in a stick, this 100% natural mineral SPF offers portable protection for the most sensitive of skins. Rich in vitamin E to protect and prevent sun-induced signs of ageing, apply to any exposed areas of skin to keep them soft, supple and sun-safe.

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm, Dh166


This ultra-nourishing solid-to-oil cleanser will leave skin squeaky clean and super soft whilst ridding you of daily dirt and grime – waterproof mascara included. Its potent plant extracts, including sunflower and moringa tree extract, clean skin deep down to leave it looking and feeling bright and beautiful.

Origins Plantscription Youth-renewing Face Oil, Dh272


Turn back time with this amazing anti-ager. Loaded to the brim with 20 different oils from plants and flowers, including sunflower, its lightweight formula is instantly absorbed into the skin to diminish dryness, smoothe wrinkles, and help repair the skin’s barrier.

Chamomile – the calmer

Not only a calming cup of tea, chamomile can relax and soothe as part of your skincare routine. ‘The key flowers we use have various beauty benefits, for example chamomile – which is known to calm, soothe and relieve skin,” says Haya Shanata, Brand Communications Manager at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Rich in flavonoids, which heal numerous skin conditions from psoriasis and eczema to acne and mild burns, these flowers also help to restore the mind - keeping you calm by reducing stress and anxiety. Proven to increase levels of glycine in the body (the chemical responsible for relieving muscle spasms), chamomile is the cure for a tense body and blocked mind. It also works miracles on hair, transforming tresses into silky soft locks whilst nourishing the scalp.

Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque, Dh165


A nourishing blend of botanicals including rosemary, witch hazel, and - you guessed it -chamomile, this heavenly hydrating mask boasts a wonderful water-based formula that helps balance, refresh and soften skin.

Sodashi Calming Skin Boost, Dh459


Containing a calming blend of chamomile, lavender and patchouli – this all-natural remedy soothes irritated skin whilst firming and toning. It has an extra floral boost thanks to neroli and rose, which increase skin elasticity. As soon as you apply it, it cools and refreshes your face – perfect when you need a little pick-me-up.

Dr. Hauschka Strengthening Hair Treatment, Dh108


Containing chamomile extract to soothe and balance the scalp, this hair treatment transforms dry, damaged tresses into soft, silky locks. Follicles are strengthened and fortified, whilst hair is revitalised, ridding it of visible damage and brittleness. It even protects against drying salt water and heat from the sun. A true hair hero.

Rose – the uplifter

The sweet scent of a rose has anti-depressant properties. ‘Flowers have been used in skincare for a long time, but there has been an increase recently because of the trend for “natural” beauty,’ says Nicola Elliott, creator of organic beauty brand Neom. ‘Many floral ingredients offer a natural substitute for the more conventional components in beauty products, including rose which is often used for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.’

A mild sedative that helps to balance the mind, rose is often used in stress remedies. It also calms and soothes skin, reducing redness with its astringent effect whilst rejuvenating cells. Did we mention that this symbol of love and beauty also has powerful, yet gentle antiseptic qualities? So remember, roses are red and they won’t leave you blue.

Pixi Rose Tonic, Dh48.50


The next best thing to dunking your face into a bowl of roses, this toner works wonders at soothing stressed skin. Rich in rose extracts and cell-loving nutrients – it does everything from neutralising the skin’s pH to hydrating, removing impurities, and calming – all with just a sweep of a cotton pad.

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Mask, Dh174

Cutting-edge technology meets Mother Nature’s finest with this potent anti-ageing mask. Rose stem cells are blended with rose extracts in the form of a cooling, refreshing gel that stimulates cell turnover and helps repair and reverse signs of ageing.

African Botanics Rose Treatment Essence, Dh605


A highly concentrated, nutrient-rich gel that’s loaded with rose centifolia extract and pure rose flower water, this amazing essence helps skin to detox whilst tightening pores, restoring moisture levels and soothing inflammation.

Geranium – the radiance restorer

Geranium helps tissue contract, preventing loose, saggy skin whilst warding off wrinkles. ‘Geranium improves blood flow so it brightens and enlivens the skin, whilst its fresh, floral scent brings balance and harmony to the emotions,’ says Megan Larsen, founder of botanical-based skincare brand Sodashi.

Stimulating cellular regeneration and forming new cells whilst recycling dead, damaged ones, geranium also helps to reduce scars and fights off spots. ‘Geranium is a natural antiseptic and astringent, which helps to even skin tone and oiliness by constricting the tissues – balancing sebum production and circulation,” Shanata explains. Not to mention its diuretic properties help the body detox and fight water retention, reducing cellulite and puffiness. The result? Blemishes are banished, fine-lines are fought off and radiance is restored. Here’s how you can include geranium in your beauty regime:

Lush Vanishing Cream, Dh229


Say see-ya to spots and bye-bye to blemishes with this clever cream. It magically makes imperfections and large pores disappear, whilst balancing and softening thanks to geranium oil and witch hazel.

Skinowl Geranium Beauty Drops, Dh125

Whether used alone as a serum or mixed into your cream, this brightening booster works wonders on dry, dull skin. Regulating sebum to banish oiliness and blemishes, it also harnesses the replenishing properties of organic rose geranium to combat signs of ageing, promote elasticity, and oxygenate cells.

Shiffa Aromatic Facial Cleanser, Dh318


Dr. Lamees’s love of flowers comes alive with this clever cleanser – a gentle milk that removes impurities and daily dirt with sweet geranium oil and refreshing grapefruit. Oil production is balanced and skin is softened, with dead skin gently washed away.

Jasmine – the sensitve soother

For dry, sensitive or inflamed skin – jasmine’s your gem. ‘Jasmine acts as a firming and toning tonic for skin and can help soften stretch marks,’ says Larsen. ‘Its floral, exotic, sensual and sweet fragrance penetrates the deepest layers of the soul, allaying fears and embracing the spirit.’

A natural antiseptic, jasmine gently rids skin of impurities whilst healing and aiding dermal immunity. It balances oiliness and nourishes dryness, increasing skin’s elasticity and encouraging regeneration by aiding the formation of scar tissue (great for acne and stretch marks!). It’s a natural antidepressant and aphrodisiac, and to top it all off has a soft, sublime scent. Here are products enriched with Jasmine.

Neom Real Luxury Face, Body & Hair Oil, Dh249


The jasmine used in Neom’s specially formulated ‘Scent to De-Stress’ range is one of 24 pure essential oils picked specifically for their soul and skin soothing properties. This sublime smelling oil can be used to pamper from top to toe, hydrating and nourishing everything from your hair to your face to your feet thanks to its impressive petal power.

Bamford Jasmine Bath Oil, Dh173


The ultimate indulgence, this luxurious bath oil will leave you feeling like you’re soaking in wondrous white flowers. Simply sink in and soften your skin whilst inhaling its beautifully floral and fragrant aroma.

Odacité Blueberry + Jasmine Serum Concentrate, Dh208


A re-set button for your skin in a bottle. This serum will restore life to your face in a flash thanks to its powerful cocktail of blueberry seed and jasmine flower oils. Abundant in antioxidants, it helps strengthen skin from within and promotes cell renewal and repair to leave you looking as beautiful as a jasmine flower yourself.