Here’s a reminder to take some time out to yourself before Eid and make sure you’re putting a fresh face forward.

Get a facial

Those long 30 days of fasting mean you often end up with dry, dehydrated skin coming into Eid. But that doesn’t have to be your fate. Zap away dry, dull skin with a hydrating facial to reinvigorate skin just in time for parties and photo sessions. One great thing about this season is that lots of clinics offer deals on face and body treatments. Dermatologist Dr Razan Kadry suggests, in an interview for Gulf News, the Hydrafacial, laser hair removal, and peels for melasma and rosacea. Treat yourself!

Use a sheet mask

Not down for expensive, time consuming facials? We understand! Besides, sheet masks work. “I think [sheet masks] work well, and certainly people like them, so that, I think, is always a benefit,” NYC dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engleman said in an interview with the New York Post. The type of sheet mask you’ll want to use heavily depends on your skin type, so make sure you’re putting a tried and true product on your face the night before Eid.

Drink water

The cure for dehydrated skin? Gallons and gallons of water! Dr Babu Shershad, Internist and CEO of First Medical Centre, tells Gulf News that people should drink 2.5 litres of water between iftar and bedtime. He also recommends that fasting people avoid fizzy drinks and carbonated beverages as they can cause insulin spikes and counterintuitively, dehydration. Your skin is one of the first organs in your body to show signs of dehydration so if you’re looking dry, drink up!

Prep your body, too!

If you’ve got plans to hit the salon for some hair removal before Eid, this tip’s for you. ‘Ensure you hop on the treatment couch 72 hours before you jet off if you have other beautifying plans,’ advises Chloe Scriminger, head trainer at the UK Ministry of Waxing in an interview with the Telegraph. Any sooner and you might have some redness and irritation come Eid.

Pearly whites

You’re going to be smiling widely in those Eid photos anyway—why not do it with perfect teeth? At home whitening strips or a dentist appointment might be a good investment around this time of year.