Biologique Recherche facials, The Spa, The Address Downtown Dubai

Every woman knows beauty is pain but just how far you’ll go for a Diwali glow with the latest high-tech facial to hit The Spa at The Address Downtown Dubai depends on your fear factor – and in particular whether or not you are scared of needles.

Using ingredients with a high concentration of botanical, marine and biological extracts, the treatment is enough to deep cleanse, hydrate and literally leave your skin sparkling and younger-looking, but getting the best results means pushing them deeper into the skin by literally pricking microscopic holes on the surface. 
But despite the myriad naked-to-the-eye needles running painlessly over the surface of your face during the Macro Puncture facial, it sounds scarier than it actually feels.

The state-of-the-art machinery doesn’t stop there. All of the Biologique Recherche facials use a remodelling face machine, which claims to reduce wrinkles and create wider-looking eyes and sharper cheeks with an effective combination of sculpting movements and quick, pulsing strokes.

Your therapist will assess your skin and tailor-make the facial and choose products according to your skin type, be it sensitive, stressed, seborrheic or thick.

It all sounds very clinical, but in reality, it’s a pampering session. The spa is sumptuous, the therapy room like a chic hotel room, and we defy you not to fall asleep during the 60- or 90-minute treatment. All the products – from the Lait U cleanser and Marine essential cream to nourish the epidermis, to the cocktail of preparations to activate skin regeneration, eye-contouring cream and a plumping finishing serum – are designed to leave your skin looking flawless and glowing. Results are instant, and long-lasting if you go for a course of six. The only thing remotely scary is the price – but believe us, it’s worthwhile for a one-in-a-decade treatment.

Macro Puncture Facial, Dh1,000 and Remodeling Facial from Dh1,100. Call 04 436 8755 or visit

ESPA Aromatherapy Massage, Intercontinental Dubai Marina

As certified spa mavens, we know a good pampering session when we see it. And 
the aromatherapy massage at the spanking new InterContinental Dubai Marina’s glorious spa, we’re thrilled to say, 
is the best out there.

With its holistic approach that targets each individual’s specific fatigues, you’ll thank us for suggesting this treatment once done with the 60 minutes of pure bliss. A personal consultation marks the beginning of the treatment where your therapist zeroes in your problems during a soothing foot exfoliation. While you’re relaxing on the treatment bed, the therapist will offer samples of five scented oils from the award-winning ESPA range. You can choose three that you find most calming. The detoxifier spruces you up from within while the body toner works on the outside; the destresser relaxes those knackered from festive planning and organising; the muscle relaxer assuages muscles sluggish from lugging heavy shopping bags and gift boxes; the energiser lifts your fallen spirits just in time to party; and the Jet-Lag Reviver and Immune Booster cater to those who’ve been out and about or under the weather. The trinity of oils is then applied liberally for a deeply relaxing massage that will see skilful therapists firmly knead away knots and tension working their way across your head, neck, back, arms and legs and abdomen, uncurling tense tissues. You’ll be skipping out of the state-of-the-art spa healed from head to toe and have a happier Diwali for it.

Dh490 for 60 minutes. Call 04 446 6643 or email

Almond Treatment, Tips and Toes

That perfect dress? Check. Accessories to match? Check. A diet plan? Check, check, check! As you plan your festive makeover, you need to also make time for much-needed TLC and pampering for your hands and feet. After all, they deserve it – and you want to look your very best, don’t you? At Tips and Toes, the award-winning salon that has branches across the UAE, your hands and feet are assured first-class service. And the Almond Treatment is a sure-fire winner.

Using ultra-luxurious CND products with almond extract, the magical hands of the well-trained staff scrubs massage and moisturise your limbs, taking away all those tell-tale signs of fatigue.

The treatment starts with an almond milk bath, then moves on to an almond-enriched moisturising scrub to get rid of all the dead skin. This is followed by an illuminating masque that not just soothes but gives your hands and feet a luminous glow. And if that’s not enough, by the time the almond-enriched hydrating lotion is slathered on and its sweet fragrance permeates your skin, you will definitely feel rejuvenated enough for some seriously intense partying.

*Almond pedicure, Dh160; Almond manicure, Dh135; Combo, Dh250. Call 04 399 0550 or visit

Elemis SOS Purifying Facial, Heavenly Spa by Westin, The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina

Rushing around to get everything party-ready for Diwali can be exhausting, and often this can show up in the one place you don’t want it to – your skin. No one wants to be hostess with the mostest breakouts, or be left with oily and congested skin.

The SOS Elemis Purifying Facial is the perfect solution to a skin emergency or to keep problem skin under control. Available at the Heavenly Spa at the Dubai Marina’s uber-chic The Westin hotel, it promises to deep cleanse, restore vital moisture, provide protection against damaging free radicals, reinvigorate the skin with oxygen and dramatically improve its texture and tone. The treatment targets the face and eyes, absorbing excess sebum, regulating and balancing skin function while helping to repair any scarring from acne, detoxify and brighten the skin as well as make the eyes looked more defined. What more could a girl want?

We’ve long been fans of Elemis products at Friday, and the purifying massage technique along with the unique Japanese Sulphur Mask infused with Vitamin C booster serum helps calm irritated skin and rebalance oil-rich pores, leaving skin beautifully matte-and-silk.

While the mask gets to work, your therapist will give you a hand and arm massage and destressing scalp treatment. Total and utter bliss – and the spa more than lives up to its name.

Dh580 for 75 minutes. Call 04 511 7901 or email

Five Steps to Spa Heaven, The Spa, The Palace Downtown Dubai

So much to do and so little time! With the festival of lights less than a week away, you feel the pressure of planning causing total blackout as far as your face and body is concerned. Your skin has lost all its glow, the frown lines have deepened, your hair needs volume recharge and your eyes have lost all their sparkle. And to top it all, you do not have a full day to spare for that ultimate spa experience.

Let the Five Steps to Spa Heaven package from The Palace Downtown come to your rescue. What makes it really attractive is that it allows you to customise your experience by choosing five treatments from the nine that are on offer. From Hydrating 1001 Nights Facial, Intense Glycolic Facial Peeling and Sensational Eyes Treatment for the glowing face; Oriental Body Scrub and Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage to rejuvenate you inside out; The Palace Scalp Ritual for your crowning glory; and the Leg Revitalizer and Foot and Ankle massage for your tired limbs, the genius creators of this package have got the tired and spent you covered. What’s more, with each of these treatments lasting no more than 20 minutes, you feel renewed in just 100 minutes! 
Now that’s a win-win deal like no other.

Dh650. Five steps to Spa Heaven is available only on weekdays. Call 04 428 7805 or email

Bliss yourself with Phytomer, B/Attitude Spa, Grosvenor House Dubai

Blissful, pampering massages are great, of course. But a well-being massage that starts off with a satin shimmer body exfoliator and ends with a refreshing facial? We can’t think of a better way to achieve an all-body glow – short of jetting off to the Caribbean for a week-long holiday!

The limited-edition Bliss yourself with Phytomer package combines three treatments in a heavenly 120-minute-long procedure that uses all-natural Oriental products and ancient therapies. And with steam, sauna, jacuzzi and five hammam pools also available in the intimate, contemporary sanctuary, you can make a day out of this trip to the Grosvenor House hotel. This is definitely our new go-to ritual.

Dh820 for two hours. Available until the end of November, excluding public holidays. Call 04 402 2201/2202.

Sparkling Eyes, Waldorf Astoria Spa, Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

When it comes to beauty treatments and looking like a million dollars, there’s usually a lot of talk about facial skin, wrinkles, spots, pores, fine lines and so on, but little reference to the eyes. Yes, you’ll say, ‘It’s part of the whole package,’ but to be fair, your peepers need a lot more love and care.

If you’re flummoxed and lost about what to do, we’re here to rescue you. Well actually, it’s Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah’s spectacular spa that promises to work wonders and light up your eyes. Taking wellness to a whole new level, the Waldorf Astoria Spa makes a strong impression with its warm gold and spacious interiors, and outstanding facilities such as herbal steam rooms, an ice fountain and thermal and water flotation lounges.

Pair one of its 50 luxurious therapies with the 25-minute anti-ageing Sparkling Eyes treatment, where the skin around the eye area is replumped for it to regain its vigour and density. Using top-quality Valmont products – the Swiss superbrand is known for its effective skincare essentials that have been in vogue for over a century – that immediately lift the eye contours, especially the collagen mask, wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet are visibly minimised. The experience is made complete with a relaxing decongesting massage of the eye area that will leave your peepers sparkling and youthful, infusing a fresh lease of life into your face. We’re eyeing it already!

Dh325 for 25 minutes. Call 04 818 2222 or email

Vela de Masaje (Candle Massage), YHI spa, Meliá Dubai

The insane demands of everyday life – work, gym, family, internal affairs, we could go on! – can sometimes be more stressful than we let ourselves imagine. A holistic destress treatment can go a long way to get us Diwali-ready.

The Vela de Masaje at the YHI Spa in Meliá Dubai is the perfect route to stress-free nirvana. Massage candles are unique for treatments since they are a combination of calming fragrance, massage oil and moisturiser in one, so their benefits are more rounded and geared towards complete mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

At YHI, each candle – sourced from Orli, the luxury brand from Scotland – is enriched with soy, sweet butter and jojoba oils, which when melted can help make your skin softer, more supple and healthier. The warmth of the wax, which liquefies at a much lower temperature than regular wax, and the expert technique of the spa’s therapists relax your muscles and soothe the nerves. The comforting aroma of snowberry, chocolate, Scottish lavender and honey blossom lull you into a state of pure bliss, and before you know it, you’re as good as new.

During November, a 90-minute massage is Dh395 instead of Dh550. Dh450 for 60 minutes. Call 04 386 8111.

Omorovicza Gold Facial and Body Treatment, The Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai

The festival is just around the corner and you’ve gone for gold – literally, with trips to the jewellery store as well as infusing your home with the glow of lamps. After all that hard work to dazzle family and guests it’s a shame if you’re looking tired and lacklustre, right?

The Oberoi Dubai Spa is a tranquil Ayurveda-inspired haven that will light you up with its Omorovicza Gold Facial and Golden Body Treatment. Some of the UAE’s best therapists will work their expertise on you using the hit Hungarian spa brand Omorovicza’s gold range.

Kick-starting the treatment with the Golden Sugar scrub, which buffs dead cells and dryness away with actual gold particles, we move on to harnessing mineral gold’s anti-inflammatory properties via the exfoliation, imparting a burnished glow that will put your jewellery to shame. The soothing massage that follows uses aromatic oils and warm mineral stones. Before you know it, all stress will have evaporated from your muscles tired from party planning. But If you’re in for some more gilty pleasure, give the Omorovicza Gold Facial a go. After all, what’s a luminous body without a radiant face? The hour-long facial includes a copper enriched lactic-acid peel and a collagen-boosting massage, followed by a drizzle 
of gold oil across arms, hands and décolleté. You will leave feeling and looking like a golden girl.

Body treatment, Dh600 for 75 minutes; facial, Dh500 for 60 minutes. Call 04 444 1410 or email

Restylane treatments

Aesthetic treatments are not just for celebrities, as Galderma’s injectable fillers Restylane prove. But they’re completely natural-looking – 57-year-old A-lister Sharon Stone is their brand ambassador.

Using hyaluronic acid found in the human body, the treatments help you get that beautiful glow and restore youthful volume – all without looking ‘done’. If images of extreme, drastic results and puffed-up faces have kept you away, take heart in the 20 million people worldwide who have undergone these procedures that help reduce wrinkles and lines, restore the skin’s hydro-balance, and improve skin structure and elasticity. The fillers target lips (but no trout pouts), cheeks and chin, décolletage, and even the back of hands (as they are the biggest giveaway to your age, no matter how youthful your face looks).

It’s not all just marketing speak either – 10 sets of identical twins took part in a challenge earlier in the year where one of each pair was given a bespoke treatment with Restylane’s fillers and/or skin boosters, creating a real-life before and after. The results in the treated twin speak for themselves. Agent X star Stone went on tour with the twins, happily showing off her work. Effects can last up to 12 months.

Available in clinics around the UAE, we’re fans of Dr Mohamed Chelbi at Clinica Joelle in Jumeirah. He has an ultra-gentle touch (so gentle that he turned down one willing Friday member, stating they didn’t have enough wrinkles!). Book in for Diwali and you’ll be the star of any party.

From Dh800-Dh1,500 per ml. Visit for details