When it comes to beauty looks from the catwalk, a lot of the make-up that gets paraded up and down is just about passable on a 6ft glamazonian supermodel. By the time we mere mortals give them a go, they’re a step too far for the office or, well, anywhere, really. However, the beauty tide is turning. This season, we were bombarded with image after image of completely transferable, super-pretty looks that we could wear exactly as they are. No fine-tuning or diluting required.

Don’t get us wrong, there were still some eye-turners on show – so if you fancy sticking flowers all over your face as seen at Preen or opting for yellow eyebrows like at Gucci, then, of course, go for it! However, the more demure and doable looks were the rule not the exception. And you want even better news? They don’t require an entirely new make-up bag overhaul (unless you want to,
of course), just a few key products will have you rocking the latest make-up looks.


The classic smoky eye is great, but who has the time and energy for all that blending and precision application? This season, meet the smudgy eye, the smoky eye’s undone, less complicated sister.

On the catwalk: Tom Pecheux, the make-up genius behind the looks at Balmain and Altuzarra, adopted a similar approach for each show by applying a clear eye gloss over some quickly applied liner and blending them together for maximum smudge appeal.

In your life: Do as Tom did and stock up on Mac Studio Eye Gloss, Dh138, and a creamy eyeliner that will move easily – we love Diorshow Black Kohl, Dh112. Sweep the eyeliner across your top and bottom lid. Do not worry about being neat – this look is the antithesis of that. Then apply some of the gloss on top and, using your finger, blend the products together to fill your eyelid with a transparent black effect. Do the same along your bottom lash line. Team with mascara if you can be bothered.


The days of heavy contour are over. Even the queen of the trend, Kim K-W, was spotted on the front row of Balenciaga without her overly chiselled cheekbones in place. In its place is a flush over the cheeks.
And, most intriguingly, no blusher is involved.

On the catwalk: Rosy glows were everywhere for S/S17 and instead of blusher being used, which can sometimes look flat and obvious, lipstick was buffed into the cheeks to give an iridescent colour. At Erdem make-up artist Val Garland blended Nars Kiss Me Stupid into the cheeks; Mark Carrasquillo did exactly the same thing at JW Anderson.

In your life: If it’s good enough for the models, then it’s good enough for us, so if you’re lighter-skinned, make sure you snap up Kiss Me Stupid, Dh150. Darker skins need a slightly punchier tone – try Nars lipstick in Audrey, Dh150.


This is not about making your fingers look like they belong to a robot. The overriding theme for metallic on your nails this season is that it’s just a touch of it. Which ultimately means, it doesn’t take as long to do. Genius!

On the catwalk: Inspiration for the nails was taken from the zips and buttons at 3.1 Phillip Lim, where silver was haphazardly dotted over the top of a pure white hue. However, our absolute favourite metallic moment was at Rodarte, where nail technician Tracey Lee applied silver glitter around the cuticle, which she described as ‘fine jewellery for nails’.

In your life: You want the metallic to be the star of the show, so paint your nails in a classic nude tone so as not to distract – we love Qtickles Nail Polish in Marwa, Dh45. Then you can either use metallic body paint, or try a sparkly liquid eyeliner such as Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Glamrock, Dh99 at Sephora, and paint a fine line around the base of your cuticle. Minimal effort and maximum results – perfect.


While there may not be many things you want to bring back from the ’80s, we promise you, wearing monotone eyeshadow (as in the days pre-dating a smoky) – and wearing it slightly higher than usual – is one revival you’ll be happy about.

On the catwalk: Among the ’80s-inspired shoulder pads and ruffles that were also spotted on the catwalks, eyeshadow hues were chosen and placement dictated in direct reference to this colourful decade. François Nars showed this at Marc Jacobs, where he used one shadow around the entire eye area in pastel blue, green or purple to coordinate with the models’ coloured dreadlocks, giving the whole look a Culture Club feel.

In your life: When was the last time you wore one eyeshadow all over? Now is the time to reignite that love affair and choose a gorgeous pastel hue and, quite simply, paint it all over your eye – up top and down below. And don’t hold back, take the colour over your crease line towards your brow. Make Boy George proud. Need some colour inspo? Look to Burberry’s new blue – yes blue! – eyeshadow, Eye Colour Silk in Stone Blue, Dh145, or try Clarins Ombre Iridescente in pastel pink, Dh110.


Going bare-faced has not only hit the catwalks, but the celeb world too. Alicia Keys has ditched the slap and is going (mostly) au naturel, which gets a massive high-five from us.

On the catwalk: From Michael Kors to Isabel Marant and Vera Wang, when it comes to make-up, it was consigned to a layer of tinted moisturiser and concealer if required.

In your life: Unfortunately we’re not all blessed with supermodel skin, so for this trend to work for you, it’s time to invest in some really good skincare. For a flawless complexion you need a glow-boosting hydrator (try Chanel Hydra Beauty Flash Balm, Dh200) so that your skin is as plump and luminous as possible. To get your face prepped and ready for minimal foundation, why not do as the supers do backstage and put on a fast-working, nourishing sheet mask?

The hottest one is the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, Dh72, which will keep your skin hydrated for eight hours and is reusable up to three times. Then it’s time for some sheer coverage.

Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow, Dh255, reduces redness and unifies skin tone, keeps skin hydrated while giving medium coverage and allows your skin to shine through.

If you feel you need extra coverage then apply Benefit Bo-Ing Concealer, Dh100, which comes in five shades, to those areas, and then show off your natural beauty.


OK, OK, so we know we said that this was all about totally wearable trends, but glitter lips are easier to pull off than you think, and oh so pretty. Promise!

On the catwalk: At Fendi, make-up maestro Peter Philips created a look based on the unusual muse that Karl Lagerfeld had in mind when creating the collection: Vanellope von Schweetz, a candy princess from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph (if you haven’t seen it, you must). ‘I wanted the models to look like they’d bitten into a doughnut full of glitter,’ said Philips. He applied clear glue all over and dabbed glitter on top.

In your life: You don’t want to be applying glue all over yourself, so go for an easier and more life-appropriate version of this look by applying your favourite lipstick and then blot with some tissue.

Then, to add the sparkle, dab Urban Decay Liquid Moondust, Dh99, over the top with your finger. The finer specks of glitter mean you won’t feel like you’re eating sparkles all day.