Pressed almond extract is the new wonder ingredient patented by L’Occitane, meaning it is the only brand in the world that can use it in its products. The cosmeceutical giant believes almond extract has firming and sculpting properties that work to make the body appear firmer and more toned.
The range includes:

1 Almond Shower Gel: Enriched with almond oil, this gel turns into a bubbly foam when it comes into contact with water. The oil infusion means it leaves a subtle scent of fresh almond on your skin all day. Dh199

2 Almond Milk Concentrate: The science bit tells us that the blend of silicium and almond proteins, which are similar to collagen, effectively fights skin slackening by restoring skin’s support tissue. In reality, my skin feels softer than ever and smells absolutely amazing after a couple
of uses. Dh269

3 Almond Supple Skin Oil: This oil is enriched with three essential oils – peppermint, palmarosa and immortelle. They work to restore and protect the skin’s support tissue and fight against skin slackening and loss of elasticity. So, it both moisturises and protects against ageing. Dh299