Lebanese born TV host and personality Diala Makki gained her popularity by interviewing some of the world’s biggest celebs and designers – the likes of Gerard Butler, Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow. The Dubai-based host now has over 200,000 followers (and counting) on Instagram as her fashion choices, beauty recommendations and super-glamorous day-to-day life are watched by thousands. Diala’s love of fashion and beauty has directed her to her latest venture – a collaboration with local beauty brand Ishinmmer to create a line of false eyelashes. Here she tells Friday all about them.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Ishimmer for your range of lashes?

I was always confident and happy whenever I wore Ishimmer’s existing lines, so it was only a natural step to collaborate with the lovely Ayah Mufleh, the brains behind Ishimmer. When I had the chance to meet up with her. It was an immediate mutual understanding that led to the design of my lashes line.

What’s different about these lashes compared to other brands?

My line of lashes is of a unique design and the best quality, in addition to being light as a feather – and I can guarantee that as a user myself! They are made with 100 per cent authentic and cruelty-free mink hair and are hand-combed and hand-assembled to ensure quality and durability in every lash. The lashes used are hypoallergenic, meaning that they do not contain dyes and are fully sterilized to ensure safety. The cotton thread band barely shows on the eyelid and makes it super-easy to apply.

What’s your top tip for applying false lashes?

First, pick the style that suits the shape of your eye and the intended look, and start by trimming them to the proper length and size before applying.

When should we wear lashes?

I opt to wear lashes when I want to have a natural look without wearing too much make-up. The lashes lift the eye and add to the charm of your gaze.

What is it about beauty that made you want to move into this market?

I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to all the brands and experiment with products from high-end to street brands through my choice of career. Being a curious workaholic and avid researcher wanting to know all about the origin of things, I got to appreciate and learn about various industries and got to develop my own ideas with the utmost goal of adding something worthwhile.

Who is your favourite person to interview?

One of the closest to my heart would be Elie Saab in his house in Beirut. He was so relaxed and intimate during the interview that he actually cried when he remembered his early years in Beirut and how hard and challenging it was for his generation during the war, and that was an incredibly moving moment for me.

Where’s your favourite place to shop for make-up?

A recent discovery is Mademoiselle Paris (currently in Galleria on Al Wasl Road, and officially opening soon in City Walk). I am fond of Pat McGrath make-up and I found it exclusively there, and I also was introduced to the ultra-dewy complexion perfector and the undo time blurring concealer, both from Edward Bess, an amazing brand.

What’s the one make-up product you can’t live without?

If I have to only name one product it would be the lip sugar scrub by Dior.

Diala’s lash line is available from September at Dialamakki.com, ishimmer.com and Mademoiselle Paris.