1. Colour me bright

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When it comes to deciding the colour palette for your junior’s room, own the rainbow. Yes, according to style gurus, that ‘pink is for girls and blue for boys’ theory is passe. So don’t be afraid, go bold with vibrant shades for walls, furniture and accessories.

2. Show off


Everything needn’t be stored away. Showcase your child’s masterpieces on conventional corkboards and picture frame, or just clip them to a string to make a fun wall décor.

3. What’s in store


From books, toys and craft material to clothes and shoes, your kid’s room needs plenty of storage to hide their clutter. Think furniture that doubles up to stow away those extra linen and cushions. Poufs and benches are an example. And if floor space is a challenge, go vertical with versatile cubbies and shelves. Remember to keep things accessible, after all don’t you want your little ones to pick things after them?

4. Sturdy staples


What with homeschooling quite the norm in the recent times, the need for an ergonomic desk and a comfy bed cannot be emphasised enough. Choose one that fulfils the growing needs of a growing child.

5. Let there be light


While you focus on good light to ensure your kids don’t strain their eyes while they study, add some fun too with quirky fairy lights and wall stickers that glow in the dark. It doesn’t take much to add some wow to their wonderland.

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