The New Zealand-based company said the partnership offers an opportunity for fans to own a new memorabilia of the influential Korean boy band, while bringing its innovative face mask to a wider range of mask users.

"Maskers around the world believe in the safety and security provided by MEO masks," the company said in a statement. "Made from the best materials, MEO masks are supported by science and research and are designed to make people look great and feel safe. Several of the products, including the MEO Lite mask, MEO X mask and the most innovative filter in the world, the Helix filter, have gained worldwide attention."

MEO has worked closely with global fashion icons, influencers, celebrities and international pop icons over the past few years to increase awareness about clean air. Over the past four years, MEO Air has been a preferred companion to many global influencers, including the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The Prime Minister is often spotted in her own MEO mask before press conferences or diplomatic meetings.

MEO has been building innovative face masks for five years, while MEO Air has been making fashionable face masks with high filtration performance.

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