If, like us, you’re busy packing your staycation suitcase due to vacations being cancelled this year, we’re here to tell you of two accessories that are going to dial up the getaway style stakes in an instant – Candy and Lola’s straw hats and bags. For an effortless chic vibe, you can’t go wrong with these straw pieces. Handmade and handwoven, the brand’s straw hats and bags incorporate the finest sustainable materials, are lightweight yet strong, and are both practical and trend-led.

Founded by Rana Dabbous in London, Candy and Lola’s studio in Dubai caters for everything from a beach day out to a trip to the mall, with baskets in various sizes. And they’ve just been given a luxurious touch – you can now buy Burberry co-branded hats and baskets from the studio.

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Rana says the Candy and Lola-Burberry partnership was a perfect fit, with both the brands sharing a passion for craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. “Our unique collection with Burberry has carved out a unique niche, with designs that double as works of art and serve as the perfect complement to our handcrafted hats and baskets in this industry.”

Meticulously designed down to every last detail, each pattern, material, handle, and strap in the collection is carefully created to produce the best quality.

Check out the new arrivals on candyandlola.com.

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