Face coverings have now become one of the world’s most sought-after commodities, and UAE-based company Regal Traders has come up with a reusable alternative for protecting yourself during this crisis that doesn’t compromise on the fun – especially for your kids. The covers can be washed and used instead of disposal after every wear, allaying eco concerns. And while ensuring that you follow the rules, they are equally fun to wear.

If your child dislikes wearing face coverings, these quirky designs embroidered on Regal’s coverings will win them over – think bears, flowers, moustaches. The company says these designs are as popular with the adults as the kids – matching parent-child face covers, anyone?

Inspired by communities worldwide that have been making fabric face coverings at home, Regal utilised its production facilities and manpower to go one step beyond a simple face covering. The company says it aimed to make people more excited to cover their faces rather than thinking of it as a chore, “encouraging UAE residents to abide by rules but not feel miserable doing it.”

The company says it is encouraging UAE residents to abide by rules but not feel miserable doing it

They also make for fun and personalised gifts, with customisation options available for personal or corporate use – initials or logos of corporations can be embroidered on your face covers.

To buy your own stylish set, visit regalfabrics.me or chat with them on 050 984 0560 for customised options.

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