Radiant cuts have made a big splash, especially in the diamond world, and for good reason. These cuts are eye-catching, classic and brilliant. A radiant cut has exceptional glitter and spark, whether placed in a solitaire engagement ring or set in a wedding band. But why? What makes the form so unique?

A radiant cut is a hybrid-shaped diamond that is usually square or rectangular, having its corners slightly cropped. This makes it perfect for women who have active lifestyles, since the jewellery will not catch on anything while they are on-the-go.

Most radiant cuts have facets between 53-70, which are mostly responsible for their eye-catching shine. The extra sparkle makes it popular as an engagement and wedding ring. It has become so famous that celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian were spotted wearing one.

Radiant cuts can come a bit costly, that’s why Liali Jewellery is now introducing a Radiant-Cut-Inspired Diamond ring collection! Get the style and sparkle you desire at a very affordable price!

The collection starts with a basic radiant ring with a complementing hexagonal band.

And for those who are in love with the shade Rose Gold, we have a version just for you!

If you’re looking to up your style with a more sophisticated ring, you may try this version with a double band and halo of diamonds around it.

No matter what design you choose, our Radiant-Cut-Inspired collection will help shine as radiant as the sun! As it comes from the pioneers in design and style, rest assured that we will make 2021 a very exciting year… starting off with our new pieces.

This is only the beginning for we have more amazing surprises in the coming months!

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