Some bags will never go out of fashion. The likes of the Hermes Birkin and Chanel 2.55 have owned the so-called ‘it’ bag title for decades and there is no doubt there will be women who continue to buy them for years to come. But are they still ‘in fashion’? It bags became popular as investment pieces, not just as accessories to be seen with. Some of the most well-known styles are even said to increase in value the longer you own them. But in today’s social media-led society, live catwalk shows and see now, buy now collections are these styles finally starting to lose their appeal and exclusivity?

In the last couple of years, there has been a shift in accessory designing, with many of the big fashion houses introducing new signature handbag creations that are quickly becoming the must-have arm candy of celebrities and fashion addicts. These new bags are in their infancy, straight from the runway, so (in some cases) there are no waiting lists yet, fewer high-street copies and no over-exposure on social media. (If a see another Instagrammed Chanel 2.55 I swear I’ll delete the app!) Who needs a Hermes Birkin these days anyway? This new breed of bags are the ones to save up your dirhams for in 2018.

1. Chloe Nile


Expect to pay: Dh6,450

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2017

Who’s it for? The boho fashion lover who doesn’t carry much.

Why buy it? For 2017, this bag is probably about the highest in-demand. At the time of going to press the Chloe Nile is sold out on Net-a-Porter, My, Matches Fashion and Chloe’s own site (you can still get it on though if you’re quick). The Nile’s popularity could be down to it’s boho style – a fresh update compared with the usual classic timeless design adopted by IT bags. With a price of over Dh6,000 the Chloe Nile doesn’t come cheap. If you can’t afford it, we recommend checking out some of the high-street designs that have taken inspiration from the original!

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Celebrities who love it: Olivia Palermo, Clemence Posey, Sienna Miller

2. Sophie Hulme Albion Tote


Expect to pay: Dh3,455

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2016

Who’s it for? Someone who knows quality

Why buy it? British designer Sophie Hulme creates bags that she knows will stand the test of time. Her Albion tote wasn’t just designed to look good on the arms of models and celebrities, but to last, making it worth the investment. The bag features palladium-plated brass, which is virtually impossible to break, and saddlery leather, which is known for improving its look as it loosens up over time. All of her materials were sourced in Europe and the bags handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen – there’s no machinery involved in the process, and what’s more it is environmentally friendly. Invest in this bag in 2017 and it will look even better by 2020!


Celebrities who love it: Kate Hudson, Gigi Hadid, Samantha Cameron

3. Dior J’adior


Expect to pay: Dh10,285

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2017

Who’s it for? The social media savvy fashion girl.

Why buy it? The J’adior bag was the first to be designed by new creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, and true to her design style it makes a statement. The bag comes in three designs, all finished with the gold plated J’adior motif on the front. The Dior bag is far from the understated, timeless designs we are used to seeing from It Bags, there is no denying this piece is part of Maria’s 2017 Christian Dior vision.

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Celebrities who love it: Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, Celine Dion

4. Burberry DK88


Expect to pay: Dh8,205

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2017

Who’s it for? Women who love to keep their bags forever

Why buy it? When they introduced the DK88 Burberry had plans to make it as timeless as their trench coat. They may not be quite there yet, but the stylish accessory seems to be making its mark; attracting the attentions of everyone from Naomi Campbell to Kate Hudson. Burberry has openly admitted over the last few seasons that it is struggling with making profits so will the DK88 be it’s saviour? If it is, like the classic Burberry trench, this bag could be worth a lot more in a few decades time so it’s worth holding onto yours!

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Celebrities who love it: Naomi Campbell, Nicola Roberts Kate Hudson

5. Chanel Gabrielle


Expect to pay: Dh11,000

Introduced: Spring 2017

Who’s it for? The classic sophisticated woman

Why buy it? Gabrielle is the new line from Chanel that launched earlier this year with a range of accessories and a new fragrance. The signature piece from that range is the Gabrielle Hobo Bag. With its chain strap and quilted fabric it keeps some of Chanel’s signature features but takes on a new shape with a relaxed feel and long shoulder strap – something you don’t often see from a Chanel bag. Unlike its older sister the 2.55, there isn’t a waiting list for this just yet but if with the Chanel fashion house behind it there’s no doubt this accessory is going to be huge.

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Celebrities who love it: Lily Allen, Lilly Collins, Kristen Stewart

6. Miu Miu Dahlia


Expect to pay: Dh10,800

Introduced: Autumn/winter 2016

Who’s it for? The young and stylish

Why buy it? Sometimes the best way to spot an upcoming IT bag is to see who’s been wearing it, and Miu Miu’s Dalhia has been seen on the arms of no end of trendsetters and models making it one of the most pictured handbags in the last year or so. If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy arm candy that everyone will recognise this bag is for you.

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Celebrities who love it: Rita Ora, Bella Hadid, Diane Kruger, Gigi, Emily Ratajowski, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, the list goes on…

7. Gucci Sylvie


Expect to pay: Dh9,200

Introduced: Spring 2016

Who’s it for? The sophisticate who wants to add an edge to her style.

Why buy it? Since it first graced the catwalk in 2016 the Gucci Sylvie bag has been release in more colourways and styles than we can keep track of. The clever thing about this bag is it captures Gucci’s classic style but somehow feels new and fresh – it almost feels like the bag you’ve always had even though it’s a fresh new design. This is what will make it last – that and the constant colour and embellishment updates from the super-talented creative director Alessandro Michele.

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Celebrities who love it: Elizabeth Olsen, Rita Ora, Katie Holmes, Kris Jenner

8. Saint Laurent Sac du Jour


Expect to pay: Dh10,615

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2014

Who’s it for? Effortlessly stylish rock chicks who see Kate Moss as their fashion icon

Why buy it? Its name means ‘bag of the day’ in French, but the Hedi Slimane-designed accessory is more like the bag of the decade. With everyone from Kate Moss to Angelina Jolie owning one, it’s classic style has even been likened to the Hermes Birkin. When the Sac du Jour was introduced it became part of Saint Laurent’s ‘Permanent Collection’, which is a platform for the most timeless pieces. New updates and colourways are introduced each season but we love the classic black style.

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Celebrities who love it: Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Jessica Biel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall Jenner

9. Alexander McQueen Legend


Expect to pay: Dh6,285

Introduced: Resort 2015

Who’s it for? Those who like understated classic style.

Why buy it? The Alexander McQueen fashion house doesn’t bring out many bags, but when they do they usually become iconic. The Legend was the first major accessory launch since the Heroine bag, which first debuted in 2006. The Legend is simple in design but has a modern twist – the bat wing shaped sides and buckle detailing are very now, and the range of colours mean that with this bag you can either stand out or blend into the crowd.


Celebrities who love it: Lily James, Amber Heard, Karlie Kloss, Sienna Miller, Hillary Clinton

10. Fendi Dot Com


Expect to pay: Dh8,690

Introduced: 2015 resort collection

Who’s it for? The classy sophisticated woman who wears her bag from day to night

Why buy it? For years the Fendi baguette (as made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City), was Fendi’s most coveted accessory, but the last few seasons has seen the rise of the Dotcom. The simple design, unlike other Fendi bags, make it timeless and versatile. Created with the busy women in mind, the front is also a detachable clutch, meant to be worn in the evening – so you get two bags for the price of one – or that’s what you can tell whoever is buying it for you).

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Celebrities who love it: Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Elle Fanning, Rita Ora