<#comment>Why do we need pocket square and are they just to be ruffled up and placed in the pocket of your jacket or is there really a way to fold them?

Pocket squares are used to adorn the top pocket of a gentleman’s coat and adds significant amount of personality to the entire look. Decorative silk pocket squares with vibrant prints showcase the innate personality of the wearer and adds a studied playfulness to an otherwise conservative formal look. Linen white pocket squares or cotton ones are also used for its true gentlemanly purpose: service.

When presented at the most opportune time, it displays a man’s true gentility. Taking a lady out for dinner and when she has accidentally spilt her beverage on the dress, it is this gesture of a gentleman offering his white linen or cotton pocket square to the lady that is appreciated.

There are plenty of ways to fold a pocket square depending on the occasion for which it is to be worn. The most classic one is a square fold with the folded side placed on the top pocket of the coat with it just peeking 2 cm above the edge of the pocket.

The other one used is a puff which is tucked in a semi ball and then pulled to showcase 2 inch of it bellowing out. Balance is important here as a well balanced fold shows attention to detail.

Various other folds can be done depending if it is to be worn for official purposes or for leisure. Also to be noted is to never match the pocket square with the tie. One must take care to complement it in a manner that it is subtly different.

Pocket squares can also be hemmed with a piping border of a contrasting colour and is often done in white pocket squares to give it more character.