Indian fashion label Bodice has been awarded the International Woolmark Prize for womenswear. Designer Ruchika Sachdeva’s pieces began their winning run when they were selected in Dubai as the regional winner of the award . She then went on to the international competition in Italy, taking the grand prize on January 9. Ruchika was praised by the judges for her technique and manufacturing process, which were inspired by her grandmother, who used to recycle her saris by making them into quilts. The collection was created in collaboration with Indian hand-weavers who were encouraged by Ruchika to take a different approach to traditional techniques. The designs have a colour palette of pink, navy and green, which was created using natural dyes that are not harmful to the skin – a nod to the ancient practices of ayurveda. All of the buttons and fastenings are sourced from natural materials including coconut shell, seashell and wood. ‘This is a huge opportunity to expand on what I do and keep doing it,’ said Ruchika. ‘To get the chance to work with these retailers is incredible.’ Ruchika gets Dh575,000 to help with the development of her brand and her winning collection will be stocked in international boutiques and department stores, including Boutique 1 and Harvey Nichols in Dubai.