How we dress speaks volumes about us. And though each may have their own sartorial nuances, our clothing choices reflect who we are – individually and collectively as a community.

Iron Tribe, a fashion house designed exclusively in Europe and manufactured in Asia, builds on this clothing philosophy to create fashion pieces that speak proudly: "we are stronger, together".

"Our clothing philosophy is to cater to all those who believe that we are stronger, together. A tribe of people who want to be real, however that looks and feels, and be inclusive," the company states. "A tribe that accepts everyone just as they are – who live with honour and respect. Urban warriors who can adapt quickly to ever changing needs of the moment without backing down on their athletic passion – be it work, social or personal."

Iron Tribe is known for its range of transient pieces of clothing that can easily adapt to different scenarios: from being trendy enough to be worn while hanging out with friends, to being comfortable in the gym while pumping iron.

The fashion house’s savvy pieces of clothing do not compromise on style, while ticking off all the requirements for athletic pursuits – breathable and relaxed. Its range includes joggers, shorts, vests, muscle hoodies, sleeveless hoodies and t-shirts – some of them produced in quick dry fabrics to help you stay cool while you sweat out.

While its range initially focuses on menswear, the company has revealed plans to launch a new womenswear collection. Visit for more information.

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