BLACK (from right)

Plimsolls Dh595, Armani Exchange

Trainers Dh2,375, Diesel Black Gold

Hat Dh65, Seventy Five at

Shirt Dh199, Zara

Wallet Dh129, Zara

Tie Dh60, Iconic

Shoes Dh599, Dune

WHITE (from right)

Shoes with brown soles Dh625, Clarks

Hat Dh70, Aldo

Shorts Dh120, Iconic

Polo shirt Dh310, Brooks Brothers

Belt Dh225, Armani Exchange

Shoes with black laces Dh1,099, Diesel

Flip-flops Dh120, Aldo

Sunglasses Dh815, Diesel

BLUE (clockwise from top)

Sunglasses Dh800, Rayban at

Shorts Dh325, Armani Exchange

Hat Dh70, Aldo

Shirt Dh259, Mango

Tie Dh89, Mango

Shorts Dh195, Gap

Sunglasses case Dh40, Aldo

Belt Dh225, Armani Exchange

Shoes Dh299, Zara

Bag Dh129, Nike at

Galaxy print hat Dh45, Iconic

Bag Dh430, Diesel

Trainers Dh659, Nike at

GREY (clockwise from top)

Shirt Dh695, Diesel

Wallet Dh295, Armani Exchange

Sunglasses Dh60, Aldo

Shorts Dh199, Zara

Tie Dh129, Zara

Trainers Dh345, Aldo

Wash bag Dh1,080, Dsquared2

Polo shirt Dh169, Mango

Suede shoes Dh319, Mango

Loafers Dh449, Dune

GREEN (clockwise from top)

Sunglasses Dh35, Iconic

Shorts Dh179, Mango

Khaki jumper Dh235, Armani Exchange

Sunglasses Dh860, Rayban at

Shorts Dh245, Armani Exchange

Tie Dh115, Mango

Tropical print shoes Dh215, Dune

Watch Dh310, Adidas at

Wallet Dh195, Armani Exchange

Trainers Dh199, Zara

Palm print shirt Dh160, Iconic

Flip-flops Dh150, Armani Exchange

Shirt Dh80, Iconic

RED (clockwise from top)

Polo shirt Dh85, Iconic

Trainers Dh199, Zara

Cap Dh95, Gap

Wash bag Dh1,220, Dsquared2

Suede shoes Dh445, Aldo

Polo shirt Dh310, Brooks Brothers

Tie Dh129, Zara

Shorts Dh129, Mango

T-shirt Dh129, Zara

Cap Dh135, Mitchell & Ness at