It’s that magical time of year when the lights are twinkling, rangolis are being drawn, sweets are being exchanged and loved ones are gathering. Diwali is the glorious sum of many tiny rituals and it’s never too early to start preparing for them.

Celebrations of course centre around a happy home – and it starts with making it squeaky clean. Let the happy vibes flow by getting into the corners to banish dust and spider webs, and make those windows sparkle. Next job is to get organised, do away with the clutter and allow positive energy to flood your home. At Home Centre we’ll help you channel it beautifully through your rooms with furniture and home décor that’s as stylish as it is practical.


Once your home is spruced and ready for the celebrations there’s no better time for refreshing, renewing and  investing in the little extras that are really going to put the fizz into your festivities. Soft furnishings like ottomans, throws and cushions in jewel colours are always a good choice to amp up the mood and give your basic furniture a festive lift. Greenery is always welcome at Diwali too – and especially auspicious if you place small plants between the east and north directions in your home.


When it comes to accessories, opt for mirrors, candlesticks, lanterns and shades festooned with sparkles and sequins to reflect that most important of Diwali decorations – the lights.

Whether you go for full-on megawatt illumination, kitschy multicolours or the elegance of soft candlelight on every surface, there’s no simpler way to create a heavenly holiday vibe.

If you’re going multicolours – you may need a compass too as did you know that blue, yellow and green lights should be place north and white, violet and red twinklies to the south? Look east to place auspicious colours like red, yellow and orange while yellow, orange and pink should be to the west of your home.

When your home is fully prepared, all that remains is to gather your loved ones close and let the festivities begin.

In a year, when the victory of light over darkness needs to be celebrated perhaps more than ever, let your home glow this Diwali with Home Centre’s latest collection available in-store and online at

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