Home-grown UAE eateries, Freedom Pizza and The Noodle House, took a call last month and decided to ditch plastic straws. Freedom Pizza has stopped providing straws with orders and does not send a cutlery pack, instead customers are asked to purchase biodegradable cutlery.

The Noodle House has removed plastic straws across its entire operation of restaurant outlets and home delivery services. Instead, it is offering paper straws on request, a move that the company claims will stop 380,000 straws entering landfill sites or making their way into the ocean each year. Plastic cutlery has also been removed from all of its home deliveries to further reduce damage to the environment.

Freedom Pizza last month had challenged all Dubai delivery firms to stop using plastic as part of #stopsucking campaign.

Plastic straws are the target of global campaigns as they often end up in the oceans.

In January, Anantara and AVANI Hotels & Resorts’ Asia properties stopped using plastic straws. The brand’s UAE properties will join in the move by the end of 2018.