With a growing number of UAE diners now actively looking for plant-based alternatives to dairy products, an allergen-free, vegan cheese brand has recently launched in the region to cater to the rising demand. Violife, a global leader in vegan alternatives to cheese, introduced its latest lineup of vegan cheeses, including shreds, slices, blocks and spreads, at a recent event in Dubai.

In a recent survey on plant-based diets in the UAE conducted by YouGov, almost half of the respondents said they have replaced dairy for a plant-based meal or drink in the past year. Two in five respondents opted for allergen-free dishes when eating out or ordering food.

"There has been a progressive spike in the demand of plant-based foods in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE," said Reinier Weerman, general manager of Upfield North Africa and Middle East. "Health consciousness and environmental sustainability are the new buzzwords of both everyday consumers and gastronomes and for good reason. With the debut of Violife in the UAE, we are introducing more plant-based options that are delicious enough to encourage and attract consumers who wish to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle."

The brand is working with local hospitality businesses and restaurants to create full-fledged plant-based menus

Free from dairy, preservatives, lactose, gluten, nuts and soya, Violife is based on coconut oil and fortified with B12, both of which are known for their health benefits including the vital role in the body's metabolism. With a growing number of restaurants, hotels and eateries also now offering full-fledged plant-based menus, the brand said it is working closely with several local hospitality businesses and restaurants.

In addition to its current plant-based portfolio, Flora Plant Butter and Flora Plant Cream, the new Violife range specifically caters to those who want to cook and enjoy delicious, plant-based recipes, according to the company.

Visit violifefoods.com for more information.

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