Adjaruli khachapuri

Of all the Georgian cheese breads, this boat-shaped bread is the most iconic. Adjara is on the Black Sea, and boats are a part of everyday life. The egg is said to represent the sun, which sailors navigate by. This is very popular at Little Georgia, but is very filling so is best shared among a few people.

Dry red chilli paste

My grandmother used to call ajika a ‘life saver’ because it could bring any dish to life. It is very spicy, so do be warned that a little goes a long way. Of the three types of ajika in Supra, this is the one to make if you will only be using a little at any one time because it is made mainly with dried ingredients and keeps for longer.

Green bean and red pepper salad

This salad makes a deliciously fresh way to start a meal, but would also work well as a side dish alongside simple grilled meat or fish. The beans are lightly cooked to retain some bite and paired with a fragrant medley of fresh herbs making this the perfect addition to any spring or summer dining table.

Sweet and soft Georgian apple pie

Similar to an American cobbler, this delicious dessert is topped with a soft sponge on a bed of sweet apple purée. Warming and comforting, this is delicious served with ice cream or custard.

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