1. Grilled flank with tomatoes and chilli-tamarind dressing

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2. Barbecued ocean trout with cucumber and labneh

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3. Bistecca Fiorentina with asparagus

There are certain guidelines for the bistecca Fiorentina, a meat lover’s dream from Tuscany. The Chianina cattle raised in the region was the traditional choice; we’ve opted for dry-aged Black Angus. The weight usually ranges from 1kg-1.5kg for each steak, which should be roughly three fingers in thickness. Serve it with a simple salad or baby potatoes cooked in foil on the barbecue, or both.

4. Spiced lamb with cracked wheat and green olive salad

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5. Barbecued tenderloin with charred onion and aubergine

The secret to great barbecued aubergine? Don’t take them off the grill until they’ve surrendered completely.

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