Besan and coconut barfi

Roasted chickpea flour has a delicious nutty flavour, but when mixed with coconut its taste gets further enhanced. Plus, this barfi is oh-so easy to make.

Prep 0 h : 10 m
Cook 0 h : 30 m


  • 125g ghee, plus extra for greasing

    200g chickpea flour or besan

    50g desiccated coconut

    50ml milk

    200g sugar

    A pinch of cardamom powder

    5g pistachio slivers

    5g cashewnuts, chopped


  • Grease a baking try or a deep dish with ghee and keep aside.

    Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan, add besan and stir continuously on low heat until aromatic, 10-15 mins, ensuring it does not burn.

    Mix together the remaining ingredients, except the nuts, and pour the mixture into the chickpea flour mixture.

    Keeping the flame low, stir the mixture constantly until reduced by half, about 15 mins.

    Transfer the mixture to the greased tray, smoothen the surface with a flat bowl or the back of a ladle.

    Sprinkle the nuts over and press them gently.

    Allow the mixture to cool down until firm.

    Cut into any shape of your choice and serve.

    – Recipe and photo by Mahec restaurant, Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre