1. Poached eggs with yogurt and Aleppo-pepper butter

Yogurt and eggs are a great combination, and the Aleppo-pepper butter adds a touch of heat. Look for the golden-crusted variety of Turkish bread rather than the super-soft white kind – it has a lot more flavour.

2. Breakfast bowl

3. Anise fougasse

This bread is best made fresh and served straight from the oven, but it can be baked ahead and gently reheated. It’s delicious warm, slathered with butter and honey.

4. Chicken and ginger congee

Cooking the rice long and slow results in a very silky, smooth congee. It’s easy to make ahead and reheat before serving with a little extra stock or water. We’ve served it with poached chicken here, but for a simpler version, top the congee with a boiled egg or some tofu puffs, and sliced shallots.

5. Smoked mackerel smorrebrod with beetroot salad

Smoked mackerel smashed into a chunky pâté with crème fraîche makes a quick, light Nordic-style breakfast. We’ve served ours on rye crackers – try toasted rye bread for something hot and hearty.