Gulab jamun

Prep 0 h : 15 m
Cook 0 h : 30 m
Makes 15-16


  • ½ cup all-purpose flour, sifted

    1 cup mawa or khoya (solidified milk), grated or well crumbled

    A pinch of soda biocarbonate

    Ghee or oil, as needed

    Pistachio slivers, to garnish


    1 ½ cups sugar

    2 ½ cups water

    ¼  tsp cardamom powder

    8-10 saffron strands


  • For the syrup, place the ingredients in a deep saucepan and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to medium-high and boil until slightly sticky. Keep aside.

    For the balls, mix the flour, mawa and soda bicarbonate and knead to form a smooth dough. Grease your palms with ghee and divide the dough into 15-16 equal balls, ensuring there are no cracks. If that is difficult, then add some milk to the dough.

    Heat ghee or oil in a deep pan. Slide in 5-6 balls at a time and fry on medium-low heat until golden brown. Remove and drain on a kitchen towel. Repeat with the remaining balls.

    Reheat the syrup until warm. Gently place all the balls in it. Soak for 1-2 hours, garnish and serve.