Gulf prawn and smoked duck in Thai curry

'I wonder what is Valentine’s food. Is it regular dishes with lots of heart shapes and roses? Nothing wrong with it, but I believe it should be food that your partner loves most. So I am sharing the recipes of my wife’s and mine favourite dishes with a little Valentine presentation.' Uwe Micheel is director of kitchen at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek. This Valentine's week Friday asked some of Dubai’s top chefs to create dishes that will feature on their Valentine’s menu

Prep 0 h : 15 m
Cook 0 h : 30 m


  • 260g egg noodles, cooked according to package instructions

    2 eggs

    5g ginger, grated

    5g lemongrass, finely chopped

    2 tsp olive oil

    120g large prawns, peeled, tails intact

    20g red Thai curry paste

    20g carrot, julienned

    60g sweetcorn

    120g smoked duck breast, sliced

    Thin slices of spring onion and pieces of green and red bellpepper cut into small heart shapes using a cookie cutter, to garnish


  • Preheat the oven to 120°C.

    Place the cooked egg noodles in a heart shape in a round tin.

    Whisk together egg, ginger and lemongrass.

    Season with salt and pepper.

    Pour it gently over the noodles, without disturbing the shape of the noodles.

    Bake for 5 mins or until the eggs are cooked through to make a thin crepe.

    Remove from the oven and keep aside.

    Meanwhile, heat oil in a frying pan and stir-fry prawns until pink, about 3 mins.

    Season with salt and pepper.

    Keep aside.

    Place the crepe and noodle preparation in a shallow wide bowl.

    Heat Thai curry paste in a saucepan and add carrot and sweetcorn to it.

    Mix well.

    Pour the mixture over the noodles, place stir-fried prawns and duck slices on top.

    Garnish with spring onions and serve immediately.

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