King fish hazelnut pesto and garden salad

Prep 0 h : 20 m
Cook 0 h : 10 m


  • Fish

    4x160g fillets of kingfish, skinned and pinned

    4 tsp Cajun spice mix

    Sunflower oil, as needed

    250g mixed salad of your choice

    Lemon wedges, to serve


    25g hazelnut, lightly toasted

    20g Parmesan cheese, grated

    1g bicarbonate soda

    5g sea salt flakes

    3g garlic, minced

    70ml sunflower oil

    30ml olive oil, plus extra

    30g basil, picked and washed

    20g flat leaf parsley, picked and washed

    ½ lemon juice


  • For pesto

    In a small food processor, blend together nuts, cheese, soda bicarb, salt, garlic, 20ml of the sunflower oil and 10ml of the olive oil to make a coarse paste.

    Add half the basil, parsley, 20ml of the sunflower oil and 10ml of the olive oil.

    Blend again until the herbs are minced.

    Now add the remaining ingredients, wipe down the sides of the blender jar and blend again until you achieve the desired consistency.

    Store until required.

    For the fish

    Rub it with Cajun spice mix, season it with salt and pepper and grill it using a little oil on a medium hot pan until cooked, 4 mins per side.

    Serve the fish with pesto, salad, and a drizzle of olive oil and lemon wedges.