Kiwifruit and basil sherbet

Prep 0 h : 15 m
Cook 0 h : 10 m
Makes 1 litre


  • 850g ripe green kiwifruit, peeled and coarsely chopped

    1 tbsp lime juice

    125ml light agave syrup

    ½ cup firmly packed fresh basil leaves, coarsely chopped

    80ml buttermilk

    170g green kiwifruit, extra, coarsely chopped

    170g gold kiwifruit, extra, coarsely chopped

    2 tbsp micro basil, extra


  • Puree together green kiwifruit, juice, agave, basil and buttermilk until smooth.

    Pour the mixture into a cold 1-litre loaf pan.

    Cover and freeze for 30 mins.

    Remove the loaf pan and stir well to prevent crystallisation.

    Freeze again.

    Repeat this every 30 mins until the sherbet is firm.

    Serve scoops of sherbet topped with extra green and gold kiwifruits and basil.