Potted smoked salmon

Prep 0 h : 1 m
Cook 1 h : 0 m



    200g salmon fillet, skinned and deboned

    100g smoked salmon slices

    400g sour cream

    50ml olive oil

    20g banana shallot, brunoised

    5g dill, picked and finely chopped

    Juice of ¼ lemon

    ½ tsp fine table salt


    1½ bronze gelatine leaf

    250ml fresh green apple juice

    A pinch of salt



    Soak the gelatine leaves in ice water for 10 mins.

    Put the apple juice in to a pot and heat it on low until it reaches 80°C (do not boil.)

    Remove the gelatine leaf out of the water, squeeze out extra water with your hands and put it in the warm juice.

    Stir until it dissolves.

    Fill a large bowl with ice and place the bowl with apple juice in the centre.

    Refrigerate for 45 mins or until set.

    When set put the jelly in an espuma jug with 2 gas bulbs.

    Shake well.

    Put back in fridge until ready to use.

    Potted salmon

    Set the water bath at 60°C.

    Butterfly salmon fillet to open so it cooks quicker.

    Season salmon with a little salt.

    Put in a sandwich zip bag or vacuum bag and seal.

    Put it in the water bath for 8 mins.

    When cooked, place in an ice bath to cool quickly.

    When the fish is cold, take out of the bag.

    Flake the cooked salmon in to a bowl.

    Add the remaining ingredients and mix gently (try not the break the salmon up too much.)

    Put the salmon mix into a jar or a glass.

    Add the apple foam on top.

    Serve with bread and crackers.