Spicy chicken tacos

Prep 0 h : 15 m
Cook 0 h : 30 m


  • 1 tbsp olive oil

    150g brown onion, finely chopped

    500g minced chicken

    35g packet taco seasoning mix

    375g bottled thick and chunky taco sauce

    125ml water

    10 stand ’n’ stuff taco shells

    60g cup finely shredded iceberg lettuce

    120g carrot, coarsely grated

    125g cherry tomatoes, quartered

    60g coarsely grated cheddar cheese

    ½ cup loosely packed fresh coriander leaves

    80g sour cream


  • Heat oil in large frying pan; cook onion, stirring, until softened.

    Add chicken; cook, stirring, until browned.

    Add taco seasoning; cook, stirring, until fragrant.

    Add half the taco sauce and the water; cook, stirring occasionally, about 7 mins or until mixture thickens.

    Remove from heat; season to taste.

    Meanwhile, heat taco shells according to directions on packet.

    Divide chicken mixture into shells; top with lettuce, carrot, tomato, cheese, coriander, sour cream and remaining sauce.