Spinach fatayer

Prep 0 h : 0 m
Cook 3 h : 0 m


  • For the batter

    250g plain flour

    75ml olive oil

    1/2 tsp salt

    1 tsp dry yeast soaked in 120ml warm water

    For the filling

    150g fresh spinach, finely chopped

    1 medium onion, finely chopped

    20g pine nuts

    1/2 tsp sumac

    1 tsp lemon juice

    1-1/2 tbsp olive oil

    2 cloves garlic

    1/2 tsp black pepper

    Salt, to taste


  • Mix the flour with olive oil, salt and soaked yeast to make a soft dough. Brush with some oil, cover with a muslin cloth and leave aside till it doubles in volume.

    Meanwhile, prepare the filling: Saute pine nuts till light brown in olive oil and drain. Now fry onions and garlic in the same oil and add spinach to it. Cook

    for 5 mins or until the water evaporates. Add sumac, salt, pepper, lemon juice and pine nuts.

    Mix well and remove from heat. Roll out the dough into 1 cm thick sheet

    and cut into small square pieces (8cm).

    Place the spinach mixture in the centre of each square and fold the edges.

    Seal the ends well.

    Lay the spinach parcels on a baking tray and brush the surface of each fatayer with olive oil. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 10-15 mins until golden brown.