I have been suffering from thyroid problems for some time now. Can it be reversed? 

It is easier to reverse diabetes than a thyroid condition because diabetes (Type 2) is a lifestyle disorder while thyroid is an auto immune issue. Thyroid affects your metabolic rate making it difficult to lose weight. Energy levels are compromised and it also affects your hair health negatively. To manage the condition, those with thyroid issues should aim to keep their medication dosage minimal by improving their metabolism rate. Stepping up the amount of protein you consume by 30 per cent and making sure to include weight training as part of your health regime are two ways to boost metabolism.

Keeping off inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten and dairy is a good idea.

If your thyroid hormones are completely out of control, I would recommend a metabolic cleanse of 12 weeks where you keep off all grains until your levels stabilise before you gradually reintroduce them.