Recent studies suggest drinking several cups of green tea a day can not only improve your health but also increase fertility in both women and men. Green tea is the perfect drink of choice containing polyphenols and hypoxanthine (rich anti-oxidants), the two main ingredients that can double the chances of conceiving by helping an egg to mature properly and preparing your body.

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Dr Lanalle Dunn, founder of The Chiron Clinic in Dubai advises patients to have a green tea-heavy diet. “Green tea, prized for many generations in Asia, has garnered popularity globally due to its many associated health benefits. Packed with antioxidants such as EGCG, green tea may boost fertility by reducing the formation of free radicals and preventing DNA damage to cells including sperm and eggs.”

Green tea also contains L-theanine which enhances metabolic rate to regulate weight, supports healthy insulin levels and reduces anxiety. Green tea helps to keep the body hydrated and increases cervical mucus to facilitate sperm travelling to fertilise the egg.

“These are important factors when couples are trying to conceive,” says Dr Dunn. “Drinking organic green tea in moderate amounts may boost fertility.”

Not fond of the side effects of caffeine? Opt for decaf and still reap the benefits.