If you are a fan of orange juice, here is a study that will make you smile. Orange juice, researchers say, can cut down your risk of fatal strokes by almost a quarter. The findings, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, revealed that people who drank the juice each day witnessed a reduction in the risk of a brain clot by 24 per cent, the Daily Mail reported.

Regular drinkers of orange juice saw the rate of heart disease decline — there was 12-13 per cent fewer chance for people to suffer from damaged arteries. The team examined nearly 35,000 men and women aged between 20 and 70 for the study.

Fresh fruit juices are seen as healthy; however, lately, consumers were put off by warnings over their high sugar content. The researchers noted that health benefits like stroke prevention could outweigh the risks from sugar content.

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Researchers from the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health found a favourable association with pure fruit juice consumption. They noted that even other fruit juices show similar benefits of cutting disease risk. Juice contains many of naturally occurring plant substances found in fruit that can protect blood vessels against disease. However, the team said despite the apparent benefits of juice they would still recommend eating the whole fruit.