Ginger is a versatile spice that has various medicinal properties. Dr Awaq Varun Mittal, specialist orthopaedic surgeon at Aster Clinic, Barsha, says, ‘Ginger has various anti-inflammatory elements that help reduce joint pains, inflammation and swelling. Ginger root is known to reduce stiffness in knee and joints, treatment of various forms of arthritis.’

The main medicinal nutrient in ginger is phytochemicals, called gingerols and shogoal. Ginger root contains many essential nutrients including fibre, protein, iron and vitamin C – all required to strengthen bones and muscles.
It improves blood circulation to painful areas and provides relief to the muscles because of its muscle-relaxing properties. Ginger roots and extracts, ginger juice, ginger tea, fresh ginger compress can be used to manage and reduce back pain but should only be done after consultation 
with a specialist.