Muskan Mittal was perfect. ‘She was full of life, intelligent, knew how to carry herself, fashionable, she knew about cultures... everything was perfect. Very rarely did you get it all in one,’ says Nischay Kaul, who was married to Muskan for nine years and had known her for 13, thanks to mutual friends in their hometown of Mumbai.

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They came to the UAE because she wanted a change; here, she excelled in her work and they raised a son, Aryaveer, who turned four last month. Muskan was one of four women who appeared in a makeover feature for breast cancer sufferers in Friday, in October 2016. She died, five days shy of her 36th birthday, in July this year.

‘She was very intelligent. At work, everything would be done perfectly, and it would be done right away,’ Nischay says. ‘She was always about now, not waiting to do something later. She’d say, “let’s finish it and live life and do something else”’.

‘After she passed, I always talk about how she did so much in her life. Yes, she was young, but some people take a lifetime to do what she did.’

Their son has lots of memories of his mum. ‘His intelligence comes from his mother,’ says Nischay, who worked in publishing in the UAE and now lives in India. ‘He tells me, “she is with God, but she is also in my heart, I talk to her every day. Do you want her to come in your dreams?”’

As he deals with the devastating aftermath of losing his wife, Nischay asks those who have been diagnosed to have no fear. ‘Don’t be scared. Look at healing as an overall body process – from what you are eating to your emotions to the chemicals you are using in your home. All of this helped my wife. And, remember, life is short – plan for the future, but remember to live for today. 
I think a lot of people worry about the future, and that ruins today.

‘I would like people to live life today as if it’s their last day. That’s what Muskan did.’