Only 25 per cent of our ageing – both physical, and mental – is determined by our DNA. The other 75 per cent is lifestyle and our environment, over which we have a lot of choice. And that is the good news.

Thanks to a fantastic array of supplements and health boosters available at Aster Pharmacy, we can work on delaying the effects of ageing on our system and even improve our life. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure you have a lovely year of health and well-being.

Declare war on the chair

Gardening, cycling, exercising are great for health. But there is little point in exercising if you are just going to sit down for the rest of the day. Exercise is not an antidote for sloth. Prolonged daily sitting down is the enemy of brain health.

Stick to your daily rhythms

Constantly varying bedtimes, unguarded excesses and irregular habits are bad for you. As well as exercise, make sure you eat regularly at the same times, and sleep well, going to bed at the same time every night.

Afternoon naps of no more than an hour are to be encouraged.

Diversify your diet

Seventy-five per cent of all food in 
the shops comes from five animals and 12 plants. Look further afield for more interesting products.

As a population, we tend to be deficient in five nutrients needed for 
good brain health: vitamins B12 and D, magnesium, zinc and Omega 3. In modern life, our ratio of Omega 6 (polyunsaturated fats found in 
processed and ready meals) to Omega 
3 (found in oily fish) is 20:1. It should 
be equal.

BlueBerry Naturals Rainbow Multivitamin & Mineral Complex 60


What better way to start your day than with a multivitamin that can help boost your immunity, particularly during these uncertain times. If you are 25 and above and lead an active lifestyle, BlueBerry Naturals Rainbow Multivitamin may be just what you need. Packed with over 25 essential daily vitamins and minerals, the formulation is suitable for both men and women. Without doubt, your body will thank you for this.

Price: Dh90 (for 60 tabs); Dh65 (for 30 tabs)

Country Life Maxi-Hair Plus Skin & Nails


One of the best indicators of good health is strong, bright and healthy nails and lustrous, luxurious hair. Together, they can help up your beauty quotient immensely. To help your body tap into this beauty from within try Country Life Maxi-Hair Plus Skin & Nails capsules. Loaded with B vitamins and Biotin, an essential vitamin that promotes formation of keratin, a major component of skin, hair and nails, this supplement can help enrich your hair. Don’t be surprised if your look turns heads!

Price: Dh246 (for 120 caps)

Nature’s Answer NutraTrim Max


Tried a variety of diets but none helped? Still looking for weight-management solutions? Nature’s Answer NutraTrim Max capsules could be the answer. An appetite suppressant, it also has compounds that boost metabolism while the fat-burning ingredients in the capsules help melt away the stubborn excess pounds. Packed with probiotics and fibre that support digestive health, these capsules are suitable for males and females above 25 years of age.

Price: Dh358 (for 180 caps)

Solaray Children’s Vitamins & Minerals Chewable


Have a child who is picky when it comes to foods? Of course, you do. (Who doesn’t.) Next time you are packing their lunch boxes all you need to do is include Solaray Children’s Vitamins & Minerals Chewable Tablets. The fact that they are chewable means the kids don’t have to struggle – not to mention throw a tantrum – when consuming them. Loaded with the vitamins and minerals they need to support their immune health (so important during these times) the tablets also promote growth, boost energy, strengthen bones, teeth, and aid muscle function among other things. With no artificial flavors, or colors, formulated without yeast, their natural black cherry flavour, is sure to have the children coming back every day for their daily dose.

Price: Dh59 (for 60 tabs)

Nature’s Answer DermaBrite with Glutathione


With the pollution, dust, grime and sweat it is not uncommon to see skin losing its natural texture, lustre and complexion. Luckily, good news is available at the nearest Aster Pharmacy: Nature’s Answer DermaBrite capsules. Packed with compounds that help lighten skin and reduce excess pigmentation, these capsules are known to improve skin texture as well. Thanks to the antioxidant ingredients including Vitamin C and Glutathione, your skin will radiate with a smooth, even tone. Banish dull skin days forever.

Price: Dh410 (for 60 caps)

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