It’s 3am and it’s one of those nights. Your sheets are tangled, your pillow’s hotter than July and your eyes? Well they’re red-rimmed and wide open. Again. You may think it’s just you suffering from serial insomnia but you’d be wrong. A staggering nine out of ten of us in the UAE are sleep deprived and less than half of us get the recommended seven-plus hours a night. Sleep deprivation can affect mood, thinking skills, and appetite. Chronic sleep deprivation even increases our risk for falls, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease down the road. So, how do we make it right?

Firstly, let’s look at what are we doing wrong? Ok, we know that the experts (and our own common sense) tell us that we shouldn’t be binge-watching Selling Sunset and checking out who among our fellow Dead-of-the-Night Owls is online, but once we’ve banished the devices firmly from the bedroom, what else can we do? How do we relearn how to sleep like a baby?

At Home Centre, we’re not tackling the problem lightly. Or lying down. Instead, we’re helping people rediscover the forgotten joys of sleep with our Healthy Sleep Range. We view it as a roadmap for getting back the shut-eye we all so obviously crave. Rule number one? Never underestimate the power of the right mattress, perfectly plumped pillows and dreamy duvet for offering the sort of night’s sleep you can only dream of.

Your mattress matters

Let’s start with your mattress. Granted, it’s probably not the most exciting bedroom purchase you’ll ever make, but when you’ve awoken bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after nine solid hours kip and you’ve got your mattress to thank, that’s pretty thrilling, don’t you think? You probably know about firm and soft, foam and sprung (and there are so many variants of these) but did you also know we’ve got just the right mattress for your particular sleep style – yep, looking at you ‘Starfish.’

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We’ve also got the sneezers and the slouchers in check with anti-allergy and extra support-style mattresses for every size. We’ve even got mattresses with memory that remember the shapes you make at night and contours you accordingly. If you need help working out what your sleep profile is, come into Home Centre and our in-house sleep specialists will help you figure it all out. And with mattresses starting from just Dh339 there’s going to be nothing left to keep you awake at night.

Pillows of the earth

Unless it’s your pillow. "Fatigue is the best pillow," maintained American founding father Benjamin Franklin, but it’s fair to say he didn’t spend his sleepless hours glued to his phone, did he? We all know someone who never leaves home without their favourite pillow, whether they’re planning to doze on a long car journey, checking into a hotel or getting on a flight (remember those?). They’re really onto something though as the pillow we’re most aligned with is also linked to the way we sleep.

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For instance, it’s recommended that side sleepers need a firm pillow for support. Back and stomach sleepers may want to use thinner, softer pillows. At Home Centre we’ve got all those bases covered starting from Dh19 with fillings ranging from featherlight down to memory gel to anti-dust and then some. How about a pillow that makes you younger? Step up the Argan Oil-infused pillow with anti-aging properties. You need one that will cool you down? No problem. That would be our copper-infused pillow that draws body heat and our Healthguard anti-allergy pillow also contains cooling Aloe Vera so it’s gentle on skin too. Got an older kid whose bedroom’s smelling a bit too much like teen spirit for your liking? How about our pillow made from bamboo and charcoal (yes, really) for odour and moisture control.

Wrapping it up

Once you’ve got your mattresses and pillows on point, it’s time to look at the next layer down, your duvet. If you’ve ever clambered into a bed when the duvet felt just right, you know you’ve hit the sweet spot in terms of filling and tog rating. First, you need to work out how warm or cool you like to be during the midnight hours? If you like the air-con set to arctic so you can be tucked in as snug as a bug, the higher the tog count your duvet needs to be.

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But what if your better half likes the merest featherlight covering to ensure his or her optimum nocturnal rest? Our tip? Stop the middle-of-the-night duvet wrangling right now and buy a duvet each with the perfect filing and weight to suit each of you. Genius! Home Centre’s Healthy Sleep superpowers continue on our range of dreamy duvets again infused with Argan Oil to help keep skin baby soft as do our pure down duvets that are also machine friendly. Copper-infused duvets also keep your bed smelling like fresh for longer. Prices start from just Dh49.

The finishing touches

With the basics beautifully in place, let’s turn our thoughts to duvet covers and sheets. The comfort of the fabrics used for bedding plays a major role in determining sleep quality. Again, the challenge is in achieving that perfect balance between keeping our bodies cool enough to drop off to sleep and warm enough to feel comfortable. Cotton bedding is soft, lightweight and breathable. The fabric allows the air to circulate around your skin, keeping it dry and fresh – and you peacefully asleep. Home Centre’s gorgeous range of duvet covers and sheets cover all price ranges but even at the luxury end, we’ve got a mind on the planet with recycled and wrinkle-free cottons allowing you to save energy on machine drying. Our hero Argan Oil takes another bow here also, infused into fabric to keep skin soft and nourished.


With your bed beautifully made, it’s time to put yourself in the mood for sleep by creating the right bedroom ambiance with cushions, pillows, lamps, diffusers and drapes that you’ll be delighted to drift off with. In fact, we’ve thought of everything you’ll need to get back to a glorious, undisturbed sleep. So, take back cuddling, snuggling and comfort.


Go right ahead and take back bedtime with Home Centre’s Healthy Sleep Range. You can thank us in the morning.

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