The ‘Friday Food for Thought’ talk show kicked off on Friday with UAE’s leading nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary demystifying diet and lifestyle concepts in the first of a four-part health series. Hosted by well-known RJ Pallavi Tewari and produced by Friday Lite, the show answers many nagging questions on health, nutrition and wellness.

In the first episode, Chowdhary breaks down the most essential aspects of a holistic lifestyle into five factors. While everyone aspires a long, healthy life, for many living in a world of stress and excess, this can only be a dream without a good grasp of each of these critical areas.

“Food, activity, sleep, emotional well-being and connection to source — when these five things come together, that’s when we are super healthy,” said Chowdhary. “It comes down to these five basic things. If you are able to balance these five basic factors, that’s when magic happens, and that’s when you go from just barely surviving to thriving.”

The show is supported by well-known homegrown brands Mai Dubai, Waterfront Market, Al Adil Trading and Danube Home. To know more about how our diet and lifestyle choices impact our overall health, watch the ensuing episodes every Friday, 4pm, on the Gulf News and Friday Lite Facebook pages and YouTube and IGTV channels.

Friday Food For Thought

Date: Every Friday

Time: 4pm

Host: Pallavi Tewari

Expert: Rashi Chowdhary

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