Running, lifting weights, squats: we all know these things are good at making us fitter. But after your thousandth session on the elliptical, it’s only natural to want to switch things up. Fortunately for us, though, Dubai’s quickly becoming one of the best places to be if you’re trying to get fit and have fun at the same time. Here’s a list of the trendiest places in town to break a sweat.

1. AquaSpin at Fairmont the Palm

This isn’t your average spin class. For one, it’s outdoors, so you can enjoy the view of the city spread out before you while you cycle partially underwater and get what might be the best leg workout of your life. These low-impact exercise classes are conducted on special, waterproof underwater bikes and are perfect for those of us who are looking to ease back into the exercise scene.

More information at: +971 4 457 3330,

2. Aerial Silk Beginners at Le Café de la Danse

Looking to really challenge yourself? Try defying gravity! These aerial classes, where you wrap yourself in silk and get lifted into the air, are a great way to build muscle tone and core strength while also torching calories.

More information at: (04 331 1543)

3. Bounce Fit at Bounce

We know- we never thought jumping on a trampoline could be a workout. But it turns out, what’s in our dream childhood back garden can actually help you stay fit! Join trained professionals in a high-impact, low-cardio workout for 60 minutes for Dh85 a pop. These classes are not only great fun but also help you shred fat and get lean.

More information at: (04 321 1400)

4. Dryp Yoga

This might just be the hottest workout in our list- literally! Dryp Yoga offers hot yoga and hot fitness classes for those of you who are looking to shed water weight, detoxify and increase your flexibility. Enter their infrared-heated rooms and choose between Vinyasa classes, combat training classes and traditional yoga classes, all led by wellness experts.

More information at: 04 220 5330,

5. Orangetheory Fitness (coming to Dubai June 1)

This fitness class has a cult following abroad for a reason- it lets you burn calories for 36 hours straight after working out for just one. How? Using heart monitoring, it adjusts your workout’s difficulty so you can stay in the ‘orange’ zone which, according to fitness experts, means you’re burning fat at a rate that boosts your natural metabolism by up to 20% for 36 hours after the workout’s done with.

More information at: Orangetheory Fitness will open on June 1 at the Times Square Centre, Dubai. Follow @otfdubai on Instagram or Orangetheory Fitness Dubai on Facebook for more information.

6. Latino Cardio at the Motion Fitness Center

This innovative workout by the Motion Fitness Centre is the ultimate fusion of fitness and fun. Get your groove on with their Latino Cardio workout or slow things down with their bellydancing classes. Caution: You might just feel like JLo after!

More information at: (04 328 2538)