Milla Telorio is the founder and head teacher at Café de la Danse since she moved to Dubai 14 years ago from Brazil. Café de la Danse provides an unusual range of dance classes for adults and children featuring everything from Aerial Silks to pole dancing. Milla has always been a dancer and dance teacher and wanted to bring some of the techniques she learnt back in her home country to the UAE so she opened the school along with a talent and entertainment agency, providing dancers and artists for events and shows across the UAE. She specialises in pole fitness and dancing, aerial silks and barre ballet. Anna Paula from Argentina and French-born Sido Boussoura are also teachers at the dance school. All three of the dancers are super-fit and their strength is incredible.

We chatted to Milla to find out how she keeps her body looking fab.

What types of dance are you seeing as really popular this year?

Twerking and pole dancing! Everybody wants a big bum like Kim Kardashian. People are even quitting the gym just to come to pole fit.

How many times a week do you recommend working out?

Twice a week minimum so you can see some progress.

Staying with pole dancing – why is it good for you?

It builds up strength, flexibility and fitness. It’s a really great work out!

You also teach aerial silks and aerial hoop – what is this good for?

This is also good for strength and flexibility but I would say it’s much better for your upper body strength.

Is it something that the average person can learn to do?

Of course – we have classes for beginners so even if you have no idea you can start from the bottom. We have seen many people reach a level that they are very happy with.

Your body is incredible – what do you eat?

I eat pretty much everything apart from junk food. Lots of pasta, salads – I love eating! I think because I work out a lot it compensates for eating a lot!

Is there any dance from back home that you would like to bring to the UAE?

Samba – it’s so popular in Brazil but it’s yet to make it big in the UAE so I’d like to expand that.

Do you have plans to expand the school further?

I would love to open a second school but that’s a while off yet!

What is your top tip for people who want to get fit but know where to start?

Don’t give up on the first try and push yourself over the limits a little bit. Once you cross the first stage and you start to see the results you will be so please with yourself!