Exercise stimulates the gut, says Dr Vishwas Chhabra, lifestyle consultant, Sit Fit Yoga. ‘While increasing intestinal activity, it also increases blood flow to all muscles. This keeps the muscles in the digestive system moving, allowing food to pass through it much quicker, even when you are resting. However, one should begin with moderate exercise only,’ he adds. Chhabra further adds that if the digestive disorder is related to stress and emotional imbalance then yoga, meditation, listening to relaxing music, prayer or counselling can help.

‘Deep breathing strengthens the diaphragm and improve symptoms of acid reflux. Avoid abdominal pressing exercises like crunches in this condition. Avoid sitting for long hours as it decreases bowel movement, avoid having water immediately after food. Try to walk after having a meal and have a cup of warm water before sleep. Drink plenty of fluids, as this also helps prevent constipation.”