Sleep disturbance and unhealthy eating – usually accompanied by unwanted weight gain – are now more the norm than the exception.

What can you do if you’re locked into this cycle?

Control what you can: Even though you have to accept uncertainty in terms of how long effective treatments and a vaccine will take, you can reinstate a sense of personal control by adhering to a daily routine.

Go to bed and get up at predetermined times: Decide when to have meals and stick to your schedule.

Eliminate temptation: Stop buying foods high in sugar and saturated fat, and instead fill your kitchen with healthy choices such as fruit.

Exercise: Set aside at least 20 minutes every day to take aerobic exercise. This will lift mood, help you sleep better, and regulate appetite.

Make adequate rest your top priority: Don’t try to force sleep; prioritise rest instead. Create a relaxing and enjoyable bedtime routine. If you can’t sleep, don’t worry – read or listen to music while breathing deeply, slowly and evenly.

The Daily Telegraph

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