An active lifestyle integrates a lot of physical activity into one’s everyday routines, and it is often considered the healthiest way of living. Thanks to the rising awareness on health, nutrition and overall well-being, people are becoming mindful of what they eat or drink these days, and there is no denying that bottled water is the perfect and the most convenient source of hydration for those who are always on the move.

The current pandemic has in fact placed a greater emphasis on building immunity. The role of hydration in boosting our overall well-being is well known. Drinking plenty of water is necessary to cleanse our body and ensure that our cells get all the oxygen they need to function at optimum levels. In addition to removing toxins from the body, it facilitates the absorption of nutrients and allows elimination of waste. Therefore, not drinking enough water leads to accumulation of toxins, thereby weakening the immune system.

Right on time when faster hydration is indeed the need of the hour, Mai Dubai – one of the leading manufacturers of bottled drinking water in the UAE and the region – launched its Zero Sodium Alkaline water. While the zero sodium in Mai Dubai’s latest product helps limit the salt content in your diet, its high alkalinity ensures faster hydration. This perfect combination of zero sodium and alkaline, not to forget its great taste, makes hydrating the body easier in scorching summer days.

Mai Dubai’s Zero Sodium Alkaline water aims to address the rising demand in the functional water segment

Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai water, says, “Mai Dubai’s new Zero-Sodium Alkaline Water has been developed in line with our absolute belief in the importance of healthy hydration and our mission to raise awareness among consumers and support them in the adoption of healthy drinking habits and staying active.”

The new product that comes in 200ml, 330ml, 500ml and 1.5L sizes aims to address the rising demand in the functional water segment. And that’s not all, it comes in a recyclable16L size as well. 

Mai Dubai’s focus on providing quality water to customers remains steadfast even in the face of the disruptions caused by the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. Prioritising the safety and well-being of our clients and consumers and driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the overall well-being of the society, we continue to strive to ensure access to clean drinking water, while also remaining socially and environmentally responsible.

With the new product, the brand seeks to promote healthy drinking habits and staying active, says Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai

This year, Mai Dubai earned the three-star Superior Taste Award, the highest rating given by Brussels-based International Taste Institute, the world leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer F&B by professional chefs and sommeliers. The award was granted in recognition of the outstanding taste and quality of Mai Dubai’s Zero Sodium Alkaline Water product.

Ever since its launch in 2015, Mai Dubai has been innovating within the bottled drinking water space in the region. It has brought an excellent portfolio of products to the market, which made it the fastest-growing water brand in the UAE in addition to garnering high brand recognition and loyalty from its valued consumers. Today, this popularity translates to an increasing demand for Mai Dubai products in the UAE and the region.

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